AA has turned my wife into a man. Should I be overly concerned?

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AA has turned my wife into a man. Should I be overly concerned?

Booked an award ticket for my wife over the phone with AA. Got the tickets in the mail the other day. They have her first and last names right--exactly as they appear on her driver's license and passport, but instead of a "Mrs." or "Ms.," she's a "Mr."!

Anybody had this happen to them before? How big a deal is this? If we still had a CTO here in AUS we'd go get it changed without a problem, but I really don't feel like heading out to the airport to stand in line if I don't have to.
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Actually, it shouldn't be a problem at all. You don't even have to go to an AA ticket counter. Just call up AA and tell them to change the MR. to a MRS. Even thought it won't show on your paper tickets, it will be reflected in the reservation system and when they go to print boarding passesthey will print with the MRS.
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Also, if your wife has a long first and last name there might not have been room for the "s". Look at the other pages that were mailed with her tickets it should be printed somewhere with the whole name. Possibly check the page with the address on it. If it is wrong don't worry that is any easy mistake to take care of.

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Make sure you call AA before - way before. The difference betweeen a Mr and Mrs is big, especially if she is really a he in the computer

The reason I say that is I have experienced some problems recently where my ID has my full first name (Jeffrey) but I always ticketed by my common name (Jeff). It got to be such a pain that I had my entire AAdvantage account and all ticketing changed to Jeffrey so it matches my ID.

AA was a little concerned I was really who I was. I would think there may be a bigger issue if the sex of the passenger is different.
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I would call to make sure that have it correct in the computer. It may be that it just would not fit on the ticket and they dropped the "s". With heightened security why take a chance if her ID does not match you are at the whim of security (not a good place to be IMHO)!
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Superslug: Given your desires to make sure your wife doesn't get hassled because of "Mr" vs the pain for you to go to an airport, why not ask AA to FAX you a new itinerary/receipt. Would be perfect if she was on an e-ticket. If paper, it would certainly support her position to some control freak on the security side.

Anybody agree with me on how badly we miss the CTO's?

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Superslug - all of these serious replies above. I just can't hold back any longer. I have to address this most serious question that you have asked:

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">AA has turned my wife into a man. Should I be overly concerned? </font>
I really think it depends on your "preferences" now doesn't it??


ps - see what sitting in a hotel room for three hours does to a person's mind.
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If you want to ensure a hassle-free experience at the airport, simply carry a copy of M. Butterfly with you.
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