Curbside Check-In at DFW


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Curbside Check-In at DFW

I am not familiar with the Curbside Check-In Policy at DFW. Do they have this? How does this work? Is it quicker, reliable? As you can tell, I have never done this.

Any complaints, suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks In Advance-
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Yes, curb side check in is now open again at DFW (at least at American anyway). I have always found it to be very efficient. I've never had a bag lost or mis-directed when using it. So if you don't have to go the ticket counter to check in, I would use it anytime.
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Warrior- Thanks for your reply. Is there anything that I should be forewarned about prior to visiting a Curbside Check-In? Do you leave a tip? What documents must you have in order to take advantage of this?

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It's been a long time since I've had to do this at DFW, so someone correct me if I'm wrong.

AA curbside check-in is located on the lower level at DFW. Terminals A and C each have 3 locations for this, just below the security entrances on the upper concourse.

The curbside check-in areas are permanent--that is to say, they're not the kiosks you're used to seeing at othr airports. They are staffed locations, much like a normal check-in counter, only outside. As such, your bags go right on to a conveyor belt and inside the building, so they're reliable.

The staff there can issue boarding passes, so bring all normal documentation (itinerary, etc) with you. And yes, I've tipped them, especially if they've taken my luggage from the car.
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Thank you, SuperSlug! This sure has explained alot of my questions. One more question. How come there aren't more people taking advantage of this service?

Just curious.

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