Status check of AA in LAX please

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Status check of AA in LAX please

Just wanted to know if it is still possible to check in at the admirals club at LAX if you have a printed iteniary? What are the waits as of lately? I am going to Honolulu

The reason I am asking is because I waited 2 hours for my American West Flight in Orange County and they were not allowing gate check in and even though I was there 2 hours, they couldnt get me checked in (the line was huge) and I missed my flight. No other airline seemed to have lines this long.

I dont usually fly out of LAX so an update would be much appreciated!
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I'm flying out of LAX tomorrow (friday 12th) at 3pm to NYC - would you believe for a weekend of shows and support.... If no one has posted by the time I'm at the airport, I'll leave a note from the AC when I get there. (if my dyslexic mind remembers)

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I fly out of terminal 3 @ LAX every Friday afternoon. The wait isn't long at all if you're flying FC or are have platinum status. You do need to get you boarding pass before you could pass through the security check point, but I think it also depends on the terminal.

I've beeb flying FC and haven't had to wait at all. I get to LAX terminal around 3:30 for my 4:30 flight with time to spare, but I think you will need a little more time if you are flying out of terminal 3 and not flying FC/Platinum. Make sure you know which terminal you're flying out of. AA has terminal 3 and 4.
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You cannot check in at the Admirals Club at LAX. You must have boarding pass to get through security. The lines are much shorter if you are gold or platinum.
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Yes you can check in at the Admirals Club in Terminal 3 at LAX.

You will need a printed copy of your eTicket confirmation to get past security.

I fly out of LAX Terminal 3 twice a week and have had no problems showing a printed copy of my eTicket confirmation.
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I think it depends on who's checking your eticket. I've had people let me pass without the boarding and others who insisted that I get my boarding pass prior to passing through the security point.

I didn't realize there was an Admirals Club in terminal 3. I thought it was in terminal 4 and only recently did AA announce that we could now use TWA club facility located above terminal 3.
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Stupid Question:

Flying to Honolulu. How do I know which terminal I fly out of?
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Diamond: Terminal 4. There is a listing of specific destinations which are handled by 3, everything else is 4.
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Terminal 3 is generally flights to SF Bay Area, Reno, and maybe Portland or Seattle. To HNL you'll definitely be out of Terminal 4.

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In the past ten days I've flown out of LAX on 1) the 11 pm flight to JFK and 2) the 11:45 am to ORD. On both occassions I was allowed through security with my printed itinerary and receipt (one from, the other from Sabre Virtually There through our corporate travel agent) and was able to check in at the Admirals Club.

On both trips there was no line at all for security screening. I simply walked up, had my ID and itinerary checked, and put my bags on the x-ray belt. This didn't really surprise me for the 11 pm flight, but shocked me for the 11:45 am flight.

Getting into LAX on the off-site parking shuttle was also not a problem. With no private vehicles allowed into the terminal area, the trip to T4 took only minutes, even with a couple of other stops for other passengers. This may change next week though if private vehicles are allowed back in.

My problem with this is the uncertainty. I'm not sure I can count on this for all trips. Thus I'm still forced to leave very early and spend my extra hours before the flight in the Admirals Club.
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2pm lax on Friday Oct 12 - First, if you have your ticket, and are not checking bags, you can check in at the AC. Also there is now curb side check in at AA which was very easy.

They have reduced the departure level traffic lanes to 2 + curbside (down from the ususal 4) reasons unknown, but it creates it's own style traffic jam.

Lines at the counter (especially those without gold/plat/exp ) were very long.

Security was what you would expect - but went very smooth and was normal for this time of day.

Don't come to terminal 4 hungry unless you like Chillis or Burgerking.
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I will be flying AA from LAX on Sunday at 9AM. Does anyone have any idea on how soon I should get there ?

I am thinking 2 hours before, but if I wouldn't mind the additional sleep if I can get there later.

I am Gold and will not be checking any luggage.

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On a related note, I have a trip next week requiring me to transfer between terminals at LAX. Has anyone had to do this since 9/11, and how was the experience? I have about a 1 hour layover each way. I've done this connection many times and always walk between terminals with no problem. I'm concerned now with the increased security. It sure would be nice if they had an airside bus connection.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by askworldtraveler:
Don't come to terminal 4 hungry unless you like Chillis or Burgerking.</font>
Good tip!
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I just connected 10/11 SJC-LAX-ORD from T3 to T4 and I did it in 20 minutes, including a leisurely walk past the Bradley Terminal and through security. It was 0730 hrs and there was no line at T4 security whatsoever.
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