Where do AA a/c go for "retirement"?

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Where do AA a/c go for "retirement"?

At times, I have wondered where AA´s aircraft end up after they´ve been put out to pasture. Last week, I ran into two: a 727-200 and a 727-100. Both of them are operated by Aerolineas Internacionales, a domestic Mexican discount carrier. Incredibly, the interiors remain unchanged (including seat coverings). The only noticeable difference is that the upper surfaces of the wings of both a/c were extremely discolored (pale yellow streaks).
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I assume, that is what gives you the added sense of confidence!
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here is s great site to see old AA aircraft...


scroll to the bottom and on the right side is a link to aircraft graveyards
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Also see www.aa777.com.
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I flew Air Zimbabwe...they also use old AA aircraft without changing color schemes, etc.
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It's easy to trace Boeing aircraft that were originally delivered to AA. They will have full model numbers of the form 7n7-n23, like 727-023 or 737-823. These numbers do not change when another airline obtains the aircraft. Most Boeing aircraft operated by AA fit this pattern, although there are exceptions; AA acquired a number of 727-227s from Braniff when they went bust, for example.
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does anybody know how to arrange a tour of one of these graveyards?
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There was a big story in Airliners magazine a year or two ago about one of the biggest airplane parking lots - Marana, AZ. Many of the planes there are in perfectly good shape and are put there if an airline needs:

-to rest them during slow economic times
-to put them on hold until a buyer/lessor takes them
-to leave them for scavenging

It was a great article, and was clear to point out that it is a private airfield and tours to the public are NOT given. Airlines pay a hefty fee to park their planes there and don't want people wandering around, guided or otherwise. The field is heavily guarded and patrolled.

I'm sure there are other genuine junk yards where there are nothing but fuselages and rudders laying around, but this one is among the biggest in the US desert.
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Exactly right. This is alternatively called the Pinal Air Park or the Evergreen Air Center. Yes, the planes (for the most part) are still airworthy, and when the wind is coming from the east, you can hear them take off, even though it is roughly 9 miles from my house.

The military "graveyard" here is called the AMARC facility, located at Davis-Monthan AFB on the south side of the city. There are guided tours on mini-buses that will take you around the parked planes.

Pima Air and Space Museum has an extensive collection of both military and commercial planes in different states of repair.

Some of the planes shown on aa777's web site are actually on the grounds of Tucson International Airport, including the TWA L-1011s. I drive past them twice a day going and coming from work.

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