FA's on European Flights getting ruder

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FA's on European Flights getting ruder

I have been on 7 Roundtrips since January on AA from ORD to either LHR, CDG or ARN. I have to tell you that in Business, it seems the level of service and most importantly the attitude of the FA's is pathetic. I certainly am not asking for bells and whistles, but 9 out of 10 times they are unfriendly, uninterested and genuinely rude. A little conversation, a little interest and a little bit of passion would be much appreciated.

The funny thing is that I seldom witness this in Coach or in any class on AA's domestic flights.

Although I use miles to upgrade, I cannot imagine paying the $4-5,000 for paid business and being treated this way.

Any thoughts?
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When I read your post I just knew that you were going to say Chicago! Of all routes in the network out of London, American in London gets most complaints about the Intl ORD base. I do not know what their problem is.They are so hoity-toity some of them that they really appear not to know nor care what treatment they give to passengers. on one memorable occasion on AA90 to LHR, the sourpuss that we were saddled with just got to much to bear, so we moved over the other side (The lamented MD11 was only a third full so we could), on the other side of the plane the very senior FAs were just delightful, and in great contrast to their younger colleague. I wish that she had asked me why I had moved as I would have told her.

Equally memorable was one AA41 (I think ) that from the moment of boarding I knew was different. The Fas smiled and bounced around the cabin - the reason soon became plain, this flight was manned by MIA crew. Oh the difference. Other crew bases that attract a lot of complaints are LAX and SFO for HNLs and SJC.

Complain loudly. It is simply not good enough.
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Amen on the ORD international FA's in Business. Not all; but enough that there is a definite comparison with JFK and it is not favorable. I fly out of both frequently.

I once told the two ORD based male attendants (lower case on purpose) working each aisle (I was in the C with D empty) on a BRU-ORD flight that in well over a million flight miles during 40 years of AA flying, I had never experienced such lack of service. I was writing my reports during the entire flight and they were conspicuous by their absence for hours after the meal service. I would have to stop a passing FA to ask for any drink refill. The galley FA would usually then bring it to me. At the end of the flight I gave her a SOS and I openly let the other two know what I thought about their service and that I would (and did) write a letter of complaint. Several passengers clapped.

That is the only time I have ever publicly criticized a FA. I received an acknowledgement from AA, which satisfied me.

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I've also flown 11 transatlantic flights in the last 11 months with > 50% in business. My experience has been positive 21 out of 22 times. ORD, DFW, MIA, LAX have been departures to LHR, LGW, CDG, FRA.
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It's funny someone said this.

I had 3 trips this year on ORD-LHR C class. Typically I find ORD-LHR a lot more better than LHR-ORD. This seems typical for all airlines that return flights are not as good (probably tired crew).

On the first trip, one FA somehow met someone she had some connection with. She spent a large portion of the flight yapping with those people. At the end of the flight, she got them a bottle of wine from FC to keep.

On the 2nd trip, this woman (nice person but a little strange) in C had too much carry-on. She wanted to store it in the coat rack behind the bulkhead. The FA said no. The woman said "why?" (nicely). The FA said "FAA rules. That is the Federal Aviation Administration. Usually I don't have to explain this..."

Then, this time when I came back. My meal choice was out so the FA asked me to pick another one. I asked if one of them had meat. She said "Whatever it says on the menu. I didn't read it." I started shaking my head. She took the hint and was really nice to me the rest of the flight (even got the meal I wanted).

You know, I don't expect them to address us by name or even answer within 10 seconds of pushing the call button. However, some basic manners and courtesy should be expected. I just don't know.


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I'm not sure why my experience seems so different. I have never had an experience so bad that I felt compelled to write, or publicly rebuke an employee. It usually varies between ordinary and exemplary. Most of the time its closer to exemplary. I've flown to ARN and MXP from ORD. Nothing particular to remember, good or bad.
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I had extraordinary service in business class on my recent round-trip between JFK and LHR. In both directions, I took the last flight of the day. In both directions, I had the same flight deck and cabin crew. One flight attendant was so attentive she remembered my name, what I liked to drink, my preference for cheese & fruit for dessert, etc. Phenomenal! I gave her an SOS, of course.
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Maybe we need two types of awards:

1. SOS (someone Special)
2. SOR (someone Rude)

Just kidding, but I'm sure everyone gets the point...
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I guess I've been lucky this year (or been on good routes). I've flown DFW-LGW four times and ORD-ARN twice. I've had superior service from the FAs on every single flight in business class.

If you can believe it, the only times I've had lousy service and attitude were in F/P class from LGW to DFW and ORD to ARN.
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