AA Voucher help please

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AA Voucher help please

I just used two more of my vouchers to purchase tickets for upcoming trips. They were both "DV" type vouchers and from past experience, everytime I use this type of voucher and purchase my tickets at the airport, there are absolutely NO taxes or airport fees charged.
This time I decided to mail in the vouchers because I couldn't get down to the airport to pay for the reservation in person and was charged for some of the taxes and some airport fees but not all. I tried calling reservations and after being on hold for about 15 minutes they said that I should write a seperate letter for each reservation and explain my situation. .
OK why should I have to spend another 30-45 minutes of my time and go through all the frustration of writing a letter when it's the ignorance of the AA agent in the first place.
If at first you don't succeed try, try again...but next time I just go out to the airport at 6am to but the tickets.
Have things changed with the AA "DV" vouchers? Is there anyway I can get the "rules" on how to apply this voucher?
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I have never had ALL taxes and fees waived - just most. So maybe you have been lucky. I think there is a $3.00 fee which remains. You might discover you OWE them money for this mistake.

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most vouchers are tax-exempt but not fee-exempt (such as customs user fees or agriculture inspection fees) and if your voucher amount is not sufficient to cover your total fare taxes WILL be assessed on the balance
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With DV vouchers, you do not pay the US or ZP tax, but you are supposed to pay the XF tax.
Internationally, it's similar. Some but not all taxes are removed, but I'm not sure which ones.
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