1-800-Flowers *IS* the weakest link: BEWARE

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1-800-Flowers *IS* the weakest link: BEWARE

I wonder how many of us looked for flowers as one of the twenty partners? Being both Mother's Day and my mom's birthday, I sent her some using the web link AA provides. Serious mistake.

Despite a perfect order confirmation email, and an emailed delivery confirmation, imagine my surprise when calling dear old mom and finding nothing received! After 30 minutes on hold, 1800Flowers sez yes it was, and reads me an address in some burg called Jeffersonville, Indiana, rather than where she lives in another state. Their response: Oh, sorry, we'll see if we can get you a refund sometime in the next two weeks.

What? Not offering to deliver more flowers, and/or a nicer bunch? "What about the miles?", I ask, and they don't even know what I'm talking about. After I insist that they check into this, I'm on hold for another 15 minutes, and then (insult to injury) I'm disconnected. Splendid.

I wouldn't go to the trouble to bother everyone here with my own troubles, but you'd better know: This is my THIRD order thru the company, and ALL THREE were screwed up. The first two resulted in wilted flowers. On the second order, I called in and they replaced them with another perfectly acceptable arrangement, one day later, blaming the local florist.

This, however, takes the cake. These people can fairly be labeled as incompetent to handle my future orders (we actually send flowers this way about 12 times a year from the office), and you'd be well advised to consider this a $50 waste unless you just have to get the partner miles for your bonus. Fair Warning.
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SST, did you receive an email confirmation from 1800flowers? I sent some flowers to my Mom through the AA website link to have them delivered on Thursday (gets better flowers than Friday or Saturday methinks). She got them fine.

If you haven't already, you should send a complaint to their company headquarters.
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I have to say, I've ordered roses for my wife and flowers for others (no roses for anyone else, though - or my wife would, obviously, kill me) a couple of dozen times and received UA miles, and I've only had one bad experience with them. And that time, they made it up to me by crediting my account with a 40% discount and the flowers the next day.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune - clearly you've not had the same luck with them, but they've treated me pretty well.

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I have also used 1800 Flowers about 30 times. I have had some problems getting the miles credited to my airline program (normally UA); but have never had any problem with the quality of the product or on time delivery.
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I went to the local *00-FLOWERS store to place an order. Went early, specified Sat. delivery, and the store told me there would be no issues with that.

Well, no flowers as of today, the local receiving florist in the town Mom lives said that they would not be delivered until tomorrow, citing "volume". Real stupid, considering I put the order in early.

Needless to say, I canceled the order. I'll make it up to Mom, she knows that. I'm writing Mr. McCann at the corporate office. I want and will ask as restitution for my trouble the mileage I would have earned for the purchase.

Despite this, I still have faith in the company, and will continue to purchase from them.
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Everyone makes mistakes, but when my order failed to appear 1-800-FLO** was HORRIBLE!! Basically they said they would re-ship but not overnight (ie. 5 days). They also claimed to have no way of crediting my credit card for the extra overnight fee I had paid.

this company is terrible when things go wrong!!


ps. i did recently order a nice set for our house since the are an AA partner.

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I planned on using them as a partner, but no way is $28.50 a reasonable shipping charge. That is way too much. I'm sure I can get a room in a Best Western somewhere for 28.50.
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I used 1-800-FLOWERS for my wife for her first Mother's Day, and they performed quite well I must say. Flowers actually arrived a day early, and of great quality. At first I didn't do it via the AAdvantage link, but I called them after ordering (and before delivery) and the lady on the phone was very nice, and added the purchase to my AAdvantage account. We'll see if it shows, but she did have to cancel my order, and put it back into the computer under the AA deal.

preez mine da pratform gahp.
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1-800-FLOWERS batted 3 for 4 for me this Mother's Day, and the one order that was not delivered as promised was the fault of the local florist who failed to leave a message for my mother-in-law (and the flowers still arrived on Friday, 2 days early). Overall my wife & I have found their customer service to be above average.

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SST - I ordered 4 different arrangements from them for this Mothers Day 3 went great the 4th was a repeat of your disaster. I ended up cancelling the order at 6:00pm last night since they would not deliver till today. I'm still fuming.
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Hello all,

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble that some of you had.:-( I used them for this past Mothers day and was 3 for 3. My orders arrived a day early for each of the deliveries. I have used them since they became a partner and have found them to be reliable. Knocking on wood I hope this continues to be the case. :-)As far as milage posting that usually occurs within 2 - 3 weeks (AA)

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Just a word on the posting time. I ordered my flowers on 5/10. They were delivered (on time) then next day, 5/11 and the miles posted yesterday, 5/15. Overall I was very pleased with the whole experience.

One tip on avoiding an obscene delivery charge, choose something delived by a local florist. I think that only runs $7.99.
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I ordered flowers for Mothers Day. They arrived on time, are beautiful and the points already posted. Perhaps I was lucky? I probably won't order again. I just need one partner!

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I guess I was lucky too. I placed my order Friday afternoon by phone to 1(800)Flowers. They said they couldn't promise me an Azalea, but could deliver a "blooming plant" on Saturday. My mother-in-law received a beautiful Azalea Saturday, and the miles have already posted. I've used 1(800)Flowers probably about 6 times, and never had a problem. That's one more partner!
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Just an update. I checked and my miles posted yesterday for my mothers day deliveries. One of the fastest turn arounds I have had with them in a while.

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