Account Security @ AAdvantage

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Account Security @ AAdvantage

I know this sounds paranoid but, when you call the EXP line and provide your number to the prompt of course the person answers. "May I help you Mr. Transborder"? I realized that someone could call the EXP line, ask for several award tickets and have them sent to another address as long as they had information such as the my mailing address. They would also need to be able to give a brief summary of my last couple of flights. If I send a To whom it may concern fax, cannot call them to AAdvantage security they will for a fee of $50.00 put a password on my account. Any thoughts/opinions on this?
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I, personally, don't think anybody knows or cares anything about my AAdvantage account.
But I don't have millions of miles racked up either. Yet.

I would also be interested to know if anyone has had someone try to access and use their account for awards, etc. It seems that if this were anything near a common occurance, AA would have a password on all accounts.

$50 is a cheap price to pay for peace of mind...
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I don't normally read the AA board and fly AA only occasionally. More often lately with all the DL pilot troubles. Last week my wife wanted an award ticket to somewhere (BPT) that DL no longer flies and she wanted a stopover somewhere else, etc. So I gve her my Aadvantage # and asked her to call and see ifshe could fly on an AA award using my miles. I figured I'd have to make another call to actually book, but that she could figure out all her flights and save me a lot of time.

She gets off the phone and says "OK, I got it!" I asked what she meant and she said she'd booked the ticket and it was on it's way... Now we don't have the same last name. Nor do we share phones, and her number is nowhere close to mine which AA might have on file, she doesn't know my PIN #. So, my question is, is this a lapse by one agent, or is this policy or what? With DL I am pretty sure you cannot order awards without your PIN #. BTW, I checked my AA statement online and they have indeed deducted the miles for this ticket. It seems to me that this system would lend itself to abuse. What if my wife booked a first class round trip to europe without my permission and I found out about it after she'd flown? What if my assistant pretended to be my wife and did the same? Isn't the point of the PIN numbers to prevent this kind of thing? I assume AA would be liable for these miles if someone did claim tickets wothout the member's permission?
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Comments regarding passwords on account.

If you have an issue where you feel someone who may have access to your account number and is familar with your personal activity, and you are nervous about the situation, the $50.00 fee is cheap insurance.

If you do obtain a password, you will need to give it each time you contact reservations, customer service, executive desk etc. They do not have an override to bypass the password even if you convince them you are who you say you are. Passworded accounts are also prohibited from having access to their web site account (at this time). There is a lot of discussion that a PIN and PW are the same thing. They have the same intent, but are separate at this time. I believe one day it will be one element.

If you feel your account is threatened, get a password. If not, let it go. Another thing you might consider is to have your account number changed and migrate all your activity to new account, and close the old account. This would be free. It depends on your own circumstance.

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On Saturday I called in and provided my account number to the voice recoginition system, it however mistook a "V" for a "B" (two seperate times) which luckily wasn't caught until the address was verified. It may be a good idea to add an additional password, but come on, a charge for additional security??
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My issue, as mentioned by Burkey, was paying a $50.00 fee. I have a rather substantial amount of miles, but actually decided after posting this that if I was so concerned, I could in fact pay the $50.00 as "insurance". Of course, no one bothered to tell me that I would then not have access to If I had known that little piece of information, (thanks Island) my decision would have been much easier.
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