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Dudemon Feb 9, 01 2:21 pm

AA Service has proved exceptional once again.
Last night DFW-SEA I had to make a change due to a over run meeting. My ticket demanded a change fee be applied which I had np w/.

When I got to the airport the gentleman at ticketing said it wasn't listed in the computer as so wasn't going to make me pay it (which I was happily willing).

When I got to the gate I asked the gate agent if they needed any "volunteers" to be UG'd She said "No, the flight is pretty empty." I said "I guess that's just as good." and smiled and left it at that.

When boarding time came she put my ticket in the boarding pass machine, and it beeped and she said there was a problem and that I needed to go back to the counter. (This was the same gate agent that I spoke with earlier) When I spoke to the gentleman at the counter he handed me a ticket for seat 5A!!!

They have no idea how happy that made me! AA is awesome.

freeupgrade Feb 9, 01 2:28 pm

don't get tooo spoiled - that rarely happens.

glad you enjoyed it though..

mwp2paris Feb 9, 01 9:09 pm

I checked in at IAD three weeks ago and had enough upgrades for my flight to DFW but not for DFW-MCI..would get in at 12:00am so not like I would miss shrimp cocktail or anything. I wasn't feeling flush enough to cough up $250.00/8 upgrades (the only way I buy them) so I said just give me coach. The Admiral's Club agent recommended that I just ask at the gate and maybe they would be nice.

Got to DFW, went to my gate, and at first he said "exit row?"...then he noticed I was EXP and said "just because you are who you are" and <<click,click,click>> 3B (my favorite on the MD80)

I said "they told me you would be nice here in DFW and you were." Frankly, I slept the entire flight home, so it didn't cost AA anything but it did remind me why I love to fly doesn't happen often but every once in a while...there really is something special in the air! (and on the ground)!

swaggie Feb 12, 01 10:42 pm

It's good to hear about the occasional comp upgrade on AA, since it has become very difficult to get ever since AA went to their electronic sticker system.

I find that even as an Exec Platinum the incidence of comp'ed upgrades is almost as rare as hens' teeth. It does happen, but not very often.


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