Refund on Infant Lap Fare?

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Refund on Infant Lap Fare?

Had to unfortunately cancel an international trip (SFO-DUB) in April

Ticket was issued on AA using miles from AS.

Cancelled through AS, miles were redposited and taxes should be refunded.

however, I paid 127.10 59.00 base + 68.10 in taxes to AA directly.

When I called AA, they said conflicting things:

1. it's a nonrefundable ticket so nothing they can do. (It doesn't say that anywhere)

2. It's a "paper" ticket. I never got a paper ticket. One agent said go to the airport, have them issue the paper ticket (which he claimed they can still do even if it was cancelled). However I don't want to waste an hour each way to get to the airport and then stand in line, when I know the agent will just say they can't help me and to call AA

3. I tried the online and have received no response.

4. Another agent said I should go to the airport and fill out an "affidavit of non-receipt" for the paper ticket. From there I can use that paper ticket toward credit for another flight (for the infant only) and only for up to 1 year from the issue date 10/8/12. But I'd have to pay $27 to reissue a new ticket.

I guess #4 might be worht a shot, but only if I plan to travel with the infant since it's not worth the effort if the infant won't be travelling since the refund can only be applied toward a ticket under his name.

I wish a refund could just be processed. would be much easier

Any suggestions? Seems like I may have to just eat the cost on this one.
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