LAX Admirals Club

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LAX Admirals Club

The LAX Admirals Club is absolutely the worst in the system. There are no newspapers available and there's hardly any snacks given out. The staff is surly and simply not accomodating.

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While I'm no expert, I would have to agree. The staff is snippy; compared to the clubs I'm most familiar with (JFK, LGA, DFW, SFO, LHR) LAX is my least favorite.

BTW, in the LAX club, the domed ceiling over the marble floor, makes an interesting sound
effect. Unfortunately, it also seems to disturb the people sitting around it!

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I'm freqently in the LAX Admirals Club, but usually only for a few minutes. I've found the service okay, but not exceptional. However compared to the permanent construction zone (or is it a new concept in interior design?) that is Terminal 4, it's heaven.
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And has anybody else had problems using the phones with their computers? I often have tried every one of the phones in the study area and the lines were so bad that I could not connect my PC to my network. So I had to go out and use the phones in the lobby area.

I did have an incredible experience with the Phoenix club recently. Their last flight of the day had a major delay and the club stayed open an extra hour for us. Unheard of elsewhere?
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The LAX AAdmiral's club isn't that great. But they do serve cheese in the afternoons. Now, if only we were all mice.
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You guys complain about the Admiral's Club?? Have you tried the OneWorld lounges at Bradley for international departures? AA Club is heaven compared to those there. No showers and shared toilets down the corridor. At least there are plenty of seats at AA Club.
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I'll pitch my dung on the pile here: Terminal 3, LAX. Now that we HAVE an admiral's club for long-suffering SFO/SJC/OAK passengers, I just found out yesterday that it CLOSES at 3:30 PM on SATURDAY! [Had arrived two hours before my flight, turned in rental car in record time, and was looking forward to some cheese--- or at least a quiet place for a glass of wine]. Sigh! 3:30????????
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