credit for other passengers / million miles q.

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credit for other passengers / million miles q.

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to receive miles for family members flying under my Aadvantage account. I called AA and they said no, but I booked on the internet everyone under my number anyways, as a friend told me it did post to their account.

Second question: besides for the regular gold perks (which doesn't seem like very much to me) are there any other bonuses for million milers?
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You should not be able to get credit for other people flying. Usually the system should kick back any AAdvantage numbers not matching the names on the tickets. If not they ticket agents might notice the 'mistake' when you check-in.

Besides the Gold status, I think people who cross 1MM get 8 upgrade stickers (as opposed to the VIP2s they used to get).

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Well, as I see it lifetime gold, means just that. You don't have to fly 25,000 miles to be Gold. If you are certain to fly enough to be Gold anyway, it might not mean much. Since elite status is a new thing for me (only 1 yr, first gold, then platinum from Challenge) the idea that I can have benefits of gold even if I don't fly enough, for those years where I might be using mostly award tickets therefore not accruing base miles is real attractive to me. I think those of us who do not fly for business, tend to have a harder time reaching elite status.

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Is that 8 vouchers the first year or every year? Also, will the computer recognize different first names or just last? Thanks.

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The other thing to consider is that it can be dangerous to have everyone with the same FF#. American considers the FF# to be a unique designator assigned one-per-person. As such, if the system sees the same FF# flying multiple times simultaneous, it can consider that a double (or triple, or quaduple) booking, and cancel ALL of the itineraries.

Under the terms and conditions of the AAdvantage program, it does mention that it is for you only, that no one else can earn miles on it, and that you can't earn miles for any empty seats you purchase...
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Interestingly enough, I have a friend who did exactly just that.

I have never tried it, because I think in alot of these FF programs they have underline something like "Membership will be terminated if abusive actions were seen"

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It is definately NOT possible and my wife found that out right after we married and she changed her last name. Her Aadvantage account was still in her maiden name, and the current tickets on which she was flying were in her married name. The miles did not post, nor would they until we changed her Aadvantage account, which is a mildly tedious process.

I know it was possible in the past though at least into the early 90's.
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Consider opening a BA household act. in which
all members flying on AA will get mileage going into the one BA account. It's like getting quadruple miles if there's four of U - and they add up fast!
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