Has AA reduced service level out of DAL?

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Has AA reduced service level out of DAL?

Anyone flown out of Love lately?

Since Legend went under, I was just curious if AA had reduced their onboard service out of Dallas Love, since they R no longer having to compete with Legend. Are they back to AA's typical coach service?

BTW Legend may be back shortly.
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I flew out of Love on Thursday, as my DFW-MDW flight got cancelled 9 hours in advance, and the EXP desk was more than happy to put me on a DAL-ORD flight instead. I will be posting a full trip report tonight, but the flight was basically a full cabin of F-100 domestic F service, with the addition of those silly little portable foot-wedges and lumbar support on the blue F seats. I got the exit row (12) and had about 80-90 inches of room in front of me, but everybody else seemed to have about a 38" pitch. I'm not sure if alcohol was free, however.
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I am flying ORD-DAL in Feb, and hope that it is still there. I think as long as Legend is coming back that they will maintain this service, but will probably scale back.
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I flew MKE-ORD-DAL and return on Jan 12/14. They F/A said that they plan on keeping the exec class service. AA might even get their own gate at DAL as early as March of this year.
I too flew in the exit row with the 80-90 inches of leg room, nice but a little funny feeling. On a funny note (without meaning to offend anybody) there was this cute little blonde F/A, very friendly, but kept bumping her head on the overhead bin everytime she stepped into the exit row. It's not uncommon to see someone do it once or twice, but this must have happend 7-8 times over the course of the flight . I guess you had to be there to see it b/c I'm still LOL as I'm typing this.
Anyway, the food and service was great, super nice F/As.
The seats were actually kind of a let down. They reminded me of those cramped first class seats they installed on some of those MD-80s where it seems like you have less leg room in first than they do in coach! Nothing special about the seat except it a little wider than coach. No music, no video, but it does have a phone.

Somewhere on here somebody said that they actually have planes in storage for this service if and when it picks up.
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I flew from DAL to LAX on the 4:50pm departure this past Sunday. I've used the DAL executive class service a number of times to LAX, LGA, and ORD, but this was the first time the flight was totally full.

All-in-all, the service was ok. I've become a bit spoiled by traveling in international business and first class, so I find domestic F and executive class to be "too cramped for comfort". One thing I have noticed is that, like the domestic F seats, the executive class seats are not holding up very well. Cutting into my steak put me at risk for wearing my entire meal, as the table was rather loose.

So, in summary, I'd say that the executive class service hasn't changed since Legend stopped flying. However, it seemed that my fare was higher than it was before Legend stopped. Not sure if one is related to the other...
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I really prefer DFW than DAL, even though DAL is a nicer airport to get around, but DFW is one of my fav.

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I flew the DAL-LAX 4:45 flight on 1/18, returning at approx 1:35 on 1/22. I have flown this segment several times, and didn't notice any degradation of service other than champaign not being served prior to takeoff on the 1/22 flight.

The food was exceptional, better than domestic first class IMO. The biggest difference I've noticed is that the rolls are never heated on these flights (even the first time I flew this segment back in September) and the desserts aren't anything special. The main course and the salads are great, however.
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afang - You LOVE DFW???? Wow! It's on my list of bottom 10 in terms of passenger friendly aspects - seems like I walk for DAYS not matter what gate I come into or what gate I'm going to... Burkey - remember walking and walking and walking looking for each other?
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Hey I like DFW too. Its a great setup for O&D passengers. Connecting can sometimes be a headache. I think there's a curse that no matter what terminal you arrive into your connecting flight will be in another one!
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