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Should I stick with the "new American" or move to XYZ airline? (consolidated)

Should I stick with the "new American" or move to XYZ airline? (consolidated)

Old Feb 13, 13, 8:11 pm
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So, is our AA FFP safe, or is it time to dump?

Usually the FFP is merge as well, but there are also cases that it was dumped. So which will it be for AA FFP? Anyone know?

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Old Feb 13, 13, 8:15 pm
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They're safe.
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Old Feb 13, 13, 8:18 pm
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if history means anything, they should merge the two FFPs.. and it's actually a good thing for those with miles in both programs
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Old Feb 13, 13, 8:23 pm
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Nobody has a clue what will happen, and nobody is likely to have a clue for some time; the conjoined FFP may have 3 or 4 status levels, etc. etc. Only time will tell.

But historically, airlines merging with others, even in reverse takeovers like this, have preserved miles as well as other (but not necessarily all) interest of their FFP members.

E.g. when AA took over TW, the Aviators members who justified their accounts with their AAdvantage accounts saw a flawless migration of all their miles, and status as well. (OTOH lifetime Ambassador lounge members lost the lifetime membership, receiving the rest of their year and one more, at which time they could purchase Admirals Club membership.)

If one has a lot of miles in US / Star Alliance, they may wish to use some with Star while they can, as I suspect in months to come the new AA will remain with oneworld.

But why panic, when we do not know the details - which will take some time to finalize, and then will reveal deadlines for certain actions to be taken?
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Old Feb 13, 13, 8:29 pm
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I value US miles at 1.1cpm and AA 1.7. Is it a good time to get the US credit card for the 100K sign up bonus now? lol
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Old Feb 13, 13, 8:31 pm
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too bad, i dont want this happen. i still want to fly on US but have miles on my UA account...... poor UA!!!!
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Old Feb 13, 13, 8:37 pm
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Originally Posted by keepssmile View Post
I value US miles at 1.1cpm and AA 1.7. Is it a good time to get the US credit card for the 100K sign up bonus now? lol
That seems like a great idea. I was thinking of doing it to, such that I could combine them together post-merger.
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Old Feb 13, 13, 8:40 pm
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What 100K signup bonus? It's dead.
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Old Feb 13, 13, 8:43 pm
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Originally Posted by SeeBuyFly View Post
What 100K signup bonus? It's dead.
That's too bad.. I got excited for a moment on being able to collect some easy miles.
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Old Feb 13, 13, 8:48 pm
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Given that they are the last and latest to merge, they will be forced to follow the precedent of DL-NW and UA-CO and to add the mileage balances of both programs together to get your new post merger mileage balance. Any other option, any attempt to "dump" either US or AA mileage balances would be met with customer outcry.
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Old Feb 13, 13, 8:50 pm
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JDiver, very well said! I'm in a wait and see mentality right now.

Some of my friends who fly seldom are all in a huff over this and refuse to listen to reason. They are falling victum to rumors and nonsense.
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Old Feb 13, 13, 9:00 pm
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the only person worth listening to so far on this thread (as so often happens) is jdiver.

no major airline would dare piss off their most frequent flyers.

and if they ever did competitors would likely make some pretty huge match offers to move the core business over!

i have miles in both aa (1 million+) and usair (90k+) and i'm 100% confident they'll be consolidated.

tho i'm still to this very day 100% pissed with what aa did to my twa lifetime ambassador club membership.

that said, however i have more than received the value back (often with the help of flyertalk) from an aa program that is very generous to its exp's...
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Old Feb 13, 13, 9:32 pm
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Originally Posted by sohony View Post
no major airline would dare piss off their most frequent flyers.
That's what I thought when UA/CO merged. They devalued million miler perks and changed the benefits for midtier elite status. Can you imagine the uproar if those with AA 2MM lifetime Platinum status or yearly AA Platinum status have their bonus miles reduced from 100% to 50%?
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Old Feb 13, 13, 9:41 pm
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We'll find out what happens over the next few months. For my part, I (literally) just signed up for the Barclaycards US Airways Mastercard 50,000 mile card offer. 40,000 points after first use? Sure, I'll spend $20 somewhere, collect the points, and wait for them to be shifted over to AA when the programmes are finally merged. And in the meantime, I've $12,000 of extra credit I didn't have before and that I won't be using, so my credit score will go up as well.

So far, what's not to like? You know, so far at least.
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Old Feb 13, 13, 9:59 pm
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I anticipate the mileage programs will be combined, so our miles should be safe. We will likely see changes in the elite programs - possible 4th tier, new upgrade policy, different benefits, etc.

Based on previous mergers, 2013 should be mostly the same, 2014 we began to hear about upcoming changes, and late 2014 or early 2015 the changes go into effect.
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