TripIt no longer tracking aadvantage


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TripIt no longer tracking aadvantage

just got an email from tripit pro:

Dear TripIt Pro traveler,
We regret that we are no longer able to track one or more of your travel reward-point programs currently monitored by TripIt Pro's point tracker feature.

Beginning today, TripIt Pro will no longer report account balance, activity, or point expirations for the following:

American AAdvantage

Your other reward-point programs remain unaffected.

We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to watch for TripIt Pro improvements coming soon. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for being a valued TripIt Pro customer.

Best regards,

The TripIt Pro team
anyone know if this is this an account glitch on my end or has there been some kind of policy change?
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I just received the same email.
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I did as well. I sent an e-mail to AA customer relations. I suspect this might be from the AA side, perhaps too many logins from tripit into AA accounts?

I'd like it to get fixed, but I really don't look at the TripIt points page all that often, at least not for airline miles. I've got all my eggs in the AA basket mostly.
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american drops tripit

I received the same email. Southwest pulled the same stunt last year. Not sure what the airlines have to gain, but if the airlines all do everything they can to make sure we ONLY visit their own sites, it will drive me (and I assume others) to pick a favorite and shop there only. I don't want to visit 10 sites everytime I want to check mileage balances. And my favorite will NOT be American.
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Who dropped who? What about flight status updates?

I received the same email. Not sure it matters about the points tracking in the grand scheme of things.

My concern is the proactive flight monitoring. Is AA shutting off access to everything or just point totals?

I was very impressed with Tripit last week when I received a message that my flight would be delayed by an hour. The amazing thing is that I received the message 11 hours before my departure. AA EXP Desk said the flight was on time until 30 minutes before departure. The departure time moved 15 minutes later and then again, you guessed it, another 15 minutes later. As Tripit called it 11 hours earlier, the flight took off 1 hour late. I am curious how Tripit knows more about AA's flights that AA knows or is willing to share.

I hope this is a point monitoring only event and not a precursor to something more.
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I received the same email. Oddly enough, the last update from Tripit for AA was 6 hours ago. You would think it wouldn't have worked at all today.

That said, I don't use Tripit to monitor my points so it's not a big deal for me.

Nikonshooter brings up a great point. If it affects more than just points monitoring then it's a big deal. If it affects flight updates, then i'll have big issues. That's one of the big services I rely on Tripit for.
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yeah the points thing i liked because i have points spread across multiple programs (two airlines and three hotel programs) and i would rather not have to log into each one to get my stats. it's definitely not a must have, but it's a feature i pay for on tripit and i'd like it to work.
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doh for anyone keeping tabs, here's the response i got from tripit:

tripitguy, Jul 10 11:33 am (PDT):

Hi bob_the_d,

We're sorry to say that, due to a decision by American Airlines, the American Airlines AAdvantage program is no longer available for point-tracking services like that in TripIt Pro.

We appreciate that many of our customers participate in the American Airlines frequent flier program, so we regret this change. Should there be any developments that allow us to again present the American Airlines AAdvantage program we will alert all of our Pro customers.

Best Regards,
tripit guy

Be sure to check out for answers to common questions.
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Though not surprising since AA already yanked support for Award Wallet.
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AA seems to be blocking other programs that track miles balances and the like as well. I have been waiting for this shoe to fall, unfortunately. This will not make me move away from TripIt Pro, as it's too valuable for me - but AA seems bent on controlling our miles information, possibly due to "security concerns" - the 2000's response for all kinds of airline-related travesties.

(re-titled slightly to show this is an actual and factual condition, and not a question.)
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TripTracker went away a while ago. I've send several emails, but they're really more about making me feel better for sending them and complaining than any belief that it will do any good. Since the security concern is actually legitimate, even if low risk, it will be hard to appeal to them on this.

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This is a shame. I work in the travel tech industry (building a product that is somewhat similar to TripIt) and while the rest of the world is getting more open about data flow, travel companies continue to close off data. It's bad for the user experience - the whole 'don't let people leave your site' mantra is a bit outdated.
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I'm surprised it took this long. Yodlee, AwardWallet, Traxo, UsingMiles, GoMiles, MileTracker, MileManager and every other one I use received this notice from AA several months ago.
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I wonder what the logic is behind continually pulling support for these programs that make their customers happy?
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TripIt no longer tracking aadvantage

I doubt this will impact flight information, as there are lots of ways for TripIt to get that information besides directly from AA. Plus there is no security issue because the info not tied to a personal account - TripIt is only monitoring my flight, not my reservation.

I suppose I'll lob a complaint into AA about the miles tracker anyway...
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