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A Not So Hypothetical Situation; Curious About Your Thoughts - upgrade procedures

A Not So Hypothetical Situation; Curious About Your Thoughts - upgrade procedures

Old Dec 24, 11, 10:56 pm
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IMO, the OP's friends weren't "entitled" to J, but deserved it more than the non-revs. When I fly int'l J I pay for it and would rather the empty seat next to me go to someone who was being compensated for a MX delay rather than feeling like I was sitting in the employee break room. The GA should have looked after distressed PLT pax instead of pals. To the OP: Did your contact w/SABRE access say whether other pax (such as those with paid Y tickets and mileage/SWU upgrade requests) weren't upgraded because the non-revs received those seats? If even one sat in Y as a result than the GA in question should be made an example of.
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Old Dec 25, 11, 7:06 am
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Originally Posted by MauiTigerShark View Post
Perhaps there are two ways to look at this....the "doing it by the book" way and the "smart" way. It appears that, if the events panned out as described, AA almost chose the smart way but ended up doing it by the book.

I'll explain what I mean. Yes, the 3 PAX ended up travelling in the cabin they paid for...so that's AA doing things by the book and they''re more than entitled to do that. But, if the spare seats in J went to non-revs, that wasn't necessarily the smart thing to do. By definition "non-revs" don't generate money (be it on this flight or on future flights) whereas these 3 PAX are potential future customers as well as current customers. IMO it would have been "smart" of AA put them in J (as apparently there was room) to generate goodwill. A bad experience for these PAX (the double mechanical) would have had a good twist at the end....and could be the difference between repeat customers and customers who "may give another airline a go"....putting them in J wouldn't exactly have broken the bank(any more!) for AA. Just my 2 cents.

Honestly, I doubt that the GAs were thinking about customers generating money on future flights, or "generating goodwill." Those things probably didn't even cross their mind.

When working a flight, GAs have three priorities:

1) close aircraft door and retract jetbridge on time
2) close aircraft door and retract jetbridge on time
3) close aircraft door and retract jetbridge on time

They have very broad powers to do pretty much anything they deem necessary to make steps 1,2,3 happen. They can upgrade, downgrade, bump pax, etc. If they don't accomplish steps 1,2,3 within 10-15 minutes of scheduled departure time, they will be hauled in front of supervisors to explain what happened. They don't want that.

If upgrading you helps them accomplish 1,2,3 listed above, then they might do so. But if it would hinder/delay these steps, it's not likely to happen. Throwing a few non-rev buddies into J is probably easier for the GA than digging into the PALL list, figuring out the priority, researching who could be upgraded without ticket reissue, determining who is still waiting in the gate area (vs. who already boarded), etc. etc. etc.

Not saying it's right.....just trying to explain what I think happened.
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Old Dec 25, 11, 7:27 am
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I don't think GA pulled 3 people out of J and assigned them coach seats, then processed 4 non-rev upgrades just to save time. doesn't make sense.

I doubt they did this to make sure non-rev friends get the upgrades too. it just sound way too wrong GA would pull J pax out to upgrade friends.

my guess is they saw their tickets were awards and thought they were mistakenly upgraded.
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Old Dec 25, 11, 7:46 am
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Have reviewed the priority list for AA 42 on 12/23. Both non-rev's and non-status passengers on coach tickets without seat assignments were put into J on this flight. In that case, yes I think its not kosher that two statused passengers who were given J after a 24 hour delay were removed to Y in favor of non-status Y passengers and non-revs. Compensation is due but it will take a CALL to Customer Relations to explain the whole story.
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Old Dec 25, 11, 9:58 am
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STS got it - there were others on the list that were Op-Upgraded as should have been expected. Once more, I don't think there was any inappropriate action taken by the agents, just feeling out what you all thought...

I agree that it would have been a better gesture to upgrade elites that were inconvenienced rather than the non-revs but protocol was followed.
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