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AA policy or FAA policy that no electronics can be plugged in during take off?

AA policy or FAA policy that no electronics can be plugged in during take off?

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Originally Posted by deac83 View Post
Either way, like others here, I just want to know what the rule is and see it applied consistently. We've all heard the no laptop in the seat pocket announcement 100's of times, but unless the guidance for the FA's changed between Sunday (when I left) and Thursday (when I returned), I'd say the FA on the AE flight was getting a little carried away.
Many regional carriers have different set of Policies than their mainline carrier, so you aren't going to have consistency even between regionals and mainlines. There was an argument that came out shortly before my Blog-post (hinted in Flying Pinto's blog) where a pax was told to remove even a boarding pass because of the policy of one airline. Hence, the more in-depth letter research Flying Pinto did, and then received the FAA Order 8900.1, Volume 3, Chapter 33, Section 6, part 3-3547. CARRY-ON BAGGAGE, Section F #5.

Many of the article's were SmartTravel.com, NYTimes, and BudgetTravel
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Headphones period

I was on a flight this morning, and was told that the FAA prohibits even the wearing of headphones during takeoff and landing, whether on or off. I hate it when the attendants make it up on the fly.
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Originally Posted by RogerD408 View Post

As to being AA or FAA policy, it is FAA regulations that you must follow FA instructions, so does it really make a difference? And you know if you ask the FA they will say it's FAA rules.
From time to time, I have to explain the situation. The FAA has certain regulations that they issue. Each airline must file a plan on how they are going to implement the FAA regulations. The FAA then approves the plan. At that point, it does become an "FAA regulation" that the pax and crew must follow the plan. AA's plan might cover ALL electronic devices for the sake of simplicity. WN's plan might not cover noise-cancelling headsets. NW's former plan had something about all headsets must be stowed -- NOT on the your head. All of these are valid FAA-approved regulations for that particular airline.

If you want one common regulation, then blame the FAA for approving multiple, different plans and/or the FA's for not completely understanding the regulation and/or airline management for not explaining it clearly to the FA's, etc., etc., etc.
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