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chanp Jan 11, 10 3:06 pm

2010 AA International Meals - menus / menu, photos, etc. (consolidated)
Recent ORD-DEL-ORD Menus in J

Any Jan updates? Doing this next week. Thanks!


This post has been moved over from an older thread to start this new 2010 thread on international meal service.

You can also check at the Dining page, which has links to specific pages, e.g. International Flagship Entrees (sic) / Premium Class Dining Options, which has some links to occasional downloadable PDF menus.

See also:

dstan and JDiver
AA Forum Co-Moderator

ugorightigoleft Jan 11, 10 7:47 pm

Any info on JFK-LHR-JFK in J would be appreciated as well...hitting that this week. Thx!

Edit--sorry I am on last night flight out and last night flight back, both presumably dinner service! :)

WrLdTrvLnIndian Jan 21, 10 5:01 am

Anyone have insight on the JFK-NRT route...J class meal service. I am a vegeitarian so usually call in for my special meal but always hope for them having another veggie option on the regular meal service since the special meal AA has is VEGAN.

Doghound Jan 21, 10 7:29 am

I can post JFK-BCN-JFK in Y, if anyone is really that curious and/or desperate for pictures of AA's food, haha.

gluedtothewindow Jan 21, 10 8:03 am

Flew ORD-DEL in J on 12/14. If nobody beats me to it I'll upload the menu later tonight.

WrLdTrvLnIndian Jan 21, 10 11:04 am

i just flew that route this past weekend. BCN-JFK had Tortellini with creame sauce, and the other was Beef

skye1 Jan 21, 10 2:26 pm

Originally Posted by gluedtothewindow (Post 13224874)
Flew ORD-DEL in J on 12/14. If nobody beats me to it I'll upload the menu later tonight.

Excellent! I'm flying this in a couple of weeks.

One of our mods, dstan, has a thread on the AA DEL flights as well:

ugorightigoleft Jan 21, 10 2:44 pm

LHR-JFK J Dinner/Snack Service 19 Jan
Starter was smoked sesame salmon rolled with cucumber in a Thai sweet chili dressing, along with the usual side salad.

The four choices for the main were:

1. Grilled beef filet with shallot sauce (with truffle gnocchi, which sounded quite good)
2. Chicken Provenηal
3. Seared scallops (with a creamy "lime champagne" sauce on the side, with mushrooms and asparagus and rice pilaf)
4. Rigatoni with cream sauce

Snack was choice of pesto pizza or warm turkey sandwich on olive ciabatta with some sort of eggplant-tomato sauce. Both choices came with another side salad (this time with feta cheese, I believe) and a blackberry-currant mousse cake.

I opted for the scallops as my main and the turkey sandwich for the snack. Overall, everything I got was v good (especially enjoyed the starter with the smoked salmon).

gluedtothewindow Jan 21, 10 3:40 pm

As I said before, I flew this on 12/14/09. Here's the menu. It was amazing (first time in int'l J, so take that as you will).

• Pommery Brut Champagne

White Whines
• Tabali Special Reserve Chardonnay
• Seven Sisters "Vivian" Sauvignon Blanc

Red Wines
• Andeluna "Winemaker's Selection" Cabernet Sauvignon
• One World Pinotage

• Emilio Lustau Sherry

Dessert Wine
• Graham's Vintage Port


To Start: Warm mixed nuts

Appetizer: Mint chutney shrimp with curried chickpeas and potato salad

Bread Basket

Main Course
• Hara Chicken
• Vegetable Saag Paneer
• Kamb Medallions with Ale Tomato Sauce
• Ginger Soy Salmon

• Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch ice cream with cocoa dusted almonds
• Caciotta and cheddar cheese accompanied by seasonal grapes and dried apricots

To Finish: Ghirardelli chocolates


Select From:
• Uno's Pizza
• Chicken Tikka

Dessert: Citrus carrot cake


To Start: Fresh seasonal fruit

Breakfast Breads

Main Course
• Cream Cheese and Chive Omelette
• Vegetable Cutlet with Paneer Tikka


For Your Enjoyment: Chilled sparkling water with a fresh citrus garnish

tom911 Jan 25, 10 3:58 am

Chicago-Dublin 757 service
This was a tough upgrade to clear. All week long the flight showed J0, and then J1 the day before departure. I got the last business class seat at the gate.

Pommery Brut Champagne

White Wines
Seven Sisters Vivian Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa)
Aresti Chardonnay (Chile)

Red Wines
Chateau Villa Bel-Air
Castle Rock Pinot Noir

Emilio Lustau Sherry

Dessert Wine
Graham's Vintage Port

Main Course:
Beef Fillet with Foyot Sauce
Seared Tilapia with Herb Sauce
Sausage and Mushroom Lasagna

My selection: Chooza Tikka Masala (and it was delicious)
Tandoori marinated chicken breast in a rich fenugreek tomato sauce served with lemon rice and dahi elaichi rajma (red kidney beans simmered in a green cardamom yogurt base) – a signature item developed by At Vermillion chef Maneet Chauhan

I'll only post 2 photos here and you can access the rest below in the AA folder.

execplatscum Jan 25, 10 8:51 am

Same on ORD-FRA.... Chicken Tikka was good

A bit strange to have the standard no meat pasta replaced with the sausage infused lasagna.

yuchung5 Jan 26, 10 7:45 am

Not sure this has been discussed or not.
Asian Menus - Premium Class Pre-Order Options
As of February 1, 2010, American Airlines will only offer traditional Japanese meals to First Class and Business Class customers who pre-order them. If you will be traveling in Premium Class between the U.S. and Japan, and if you wish to enjoy a traditional Japanese meal in-flight, then please pre-order a traditional Japanese meal. To pre-order, either call American Airlines Reservations at 1-800-433-7300 in the U.S. and Canada, visit a local American Airlines ticket office or contact your travel agent. Pre-orders must be placed a minimum of 24 hours in advance of flight departure.

By the way, what is the menu for PVG plight?


PaulaJK Jan 26, 10 9:34 am

F menu
Flying AA JFK-NRT in F in early March? Has anyone recently flown this route and can you comment on service and menu? I suspect menu may be the same. Thanks

magic111 Jan 27, 10 12:36 pm

NRT-LAX Jan 23 Business
Warm mixed nuts
A selection of assorted sushi
Fresh seasonal greens offered with creamy Thai dressing or Sapori d'Arte olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Assorted gourmet breads

Chicken with Red Wine Sauce
Grilled, marinated breast of chicken topped with basil butter and red wine and tomato demi-glace, served with wild mushroom risotto and seasonal vegetables

Filet of beef Bordelaise
Grilled fillet of beef enhanced by a bordelaise sauce, offered with sauteed spinach, chateau carrots and fried potatoes with onion, bacon and mushrooms

Seafood Noodle Bowl
Garlic chili marianted prawns and scallops served over rice noodles with broccoli, asparagus and shitake mushroom

Vanilla ice cream accompanied by strawberry sauce and walnut cookie crubmble topping
Fresh assorted fruit

Assorted chocolates

Japanese Winter Menu
Appetizer - A selection of assorted sushi

Main Tray
Kobachi Dish
Smoked salmon and seaweed salad served with green curl, yellow cherry tomato, nagaimo-yam, diced red onion and japanese wasabi dressing

Hassun Dish
Grilled white fish with cheese accompanied by a wild plant omelette, grilled marinated prawns, grilled chicken skewer with wasabi paste and vinegared carrot with radish julienne and salmon roe

Simmered Dish
Simmered konjack and senmai vegetables served with crabmeat paste, fried bean curd roll and mizuna leaf

Deep-fried golden thread with crabmeatt starch sauce accompanied by simmered lotus root, bamboo shoot and shishito pepper

Miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweed

Accompaned by steamed rice and assorted seasonal pickles


Breakfast Breads
A selection of breakfast breads

Main Course
Gruyere Cheese Omelette
A fluffy omeltte with Gruyere cheese offered with greeen aspargus, cherry tomatoes and herbed port sausage

Cereal and Yogurt

The usual Snack Attack, Express Breakfast, and Dine upon Request were also offered.

tom911 Jan 27, 10 11:14 pm

Dublin-Chicago 757 service
Wines: same as on the TO Dublin menu previously posted

Main Course:
Beef Fillet with Shallot Sauce
Chicken Provencal
Rigatoni with Cream Sauce

My selection: Scallops with Lime Champagne (tasted great, along with a huge salad beforehand)
Seared scallops flavored with a creamy lime champagne sauce, complemented by a mushroom and asparagus saute and rice pilaf with leeks

Rest of the photos in the AA folder linked below.

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