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AAdvantage Program -------- A
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my only complaint is that you should be able to use the 500-mile upgrades on international flights!
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Standing alone = A
Compared to other programs = A+
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Originally Posted by rbcgerard View Post
my only complaint is that you should be able to use the 500-mile upgrades on international flights!
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In absolute terms, I'd give the program a B.

+ The ability to earn miles on and redeem upgrades on (almost) all fare classes is a plus compared to some other programs.

+ I also like the way the 500-mile upgrade system works. I'm happy to buy extra stickers when necessary, because the F product is worth the cost.

However, the high copays on international upgrades make it much more difficult to get a good value for your mile these days. As AA continues to devalue AAdvantage miles, they risk reducing demand for those miles on the other side of the equation.

An alternative to being able to use 500-mile upgrades on international flights would be to provide some sort of mechanism for non-EXPs to earn a smaller number of eVIPs/SWUs. For example, one could choose to earn 1 eVIP for 20K EQM instead of 4+4 stickers. This would be particularly valuable to elites who do not do a lot of mainline domestic travel.
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AAdvantage - has to be A

Sure there are possible improvements, but compared to any other program on offer it's miles ahead (240,000 miles in 15 months for a spend of only around $6000!), so anything else would be a bonus.

AA itself on the other hand would be lucky to get a C, but that's a trade-off I'm more than happy to accept.
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My Grade: A

There are pros and cons but overall, particularly vs the competition, aadvantage is as good as it gets. I hope it stays that way. It's what keeps me away from Delta
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AAdvantage program gets a strong A! It's probably the best program out there.

The co-pays are over-priced for upgrading.
The fleet itself is getting tired and using smaller and smaller planes for long flights gets a from me.
Would also like to see stickers being able to be used for international.
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Program is an A -- best FF program in existence.

Airline is a C -- Especially don't like the poor J product for long haul international compared to true flat bed competitors.
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I give it a B+. I have always been able to find an award flight but occasionally have to spend more points than I want to. Now as lifetime Plat, it's even better!
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I would give the program an A-. I like how free domestic upgrades aren't given to the lower statuses, which includes me because it gives us all a fighting chance. We just choose our battles.

Airline? probably a B+ to B, because flying on JL made me realize that a lot more can be done in terms of food and service. While discrimination against weight and looks can't be made here in the US, there's something to be said about feeling more relaxed when a young female FA asks what you'd like for a beverage over an older hoarse-voiced lady who could be your grandma
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B+ I wish PLT could upgrade TATL or TPAC without using miles.
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The AAdvantage program gets a modest B.

Sure, complementary upgrades (rarely international) and access to first class lounges are a nice perk. But lets be honest, American biz class on these aging birds is nothing to brag about. Even the biz class on 77As is just Ok in comparison to the new biz of UA.
I know that the request was to rate the AAdvantage program and not AA itself nor the OW alliance... but let's face it, they're all inter-related:
What is a complementary upgrade worth if the biz class is just above average?
How good can the AAdvantage be if the OW alliance is too limited?
It seems to me that OW (11 partners) is rapidly losing ground over Star Alliance (25 partners). That concerns me more than anything.
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Happy UK based PLAT, AAdvantage much preferred over BAEC.

Would like to see: Some ability to upgrade TATL without co-pay, though I do think that by 500mile stickers would probably be too easy! US based Promos such as bonus miles BOS-LAX being available to me - why not? UK shopping to be reinstated. A better CC deal next month (fingers crossed on this one!)
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My Grade - A

Biggest Plus++
Decent award availability
Upgrades are easy to redeem - lots of space to upgrade (ie they fill the cabin and allow last minute gate upgrades)
8 eVips for top elite
Elite program - promises top level unlimited domestic, and they actually have space to deliver
Widebody domestic service

lounge access for elite status
decent business class product - (good but not as good as others)

domestic lounges mediocre - no free alcohol or snacks
charge for luggage = planes overstuffed with caryon
targetted promos - this Canadian can't sign up for some of the promos advertised on the website (BOS promo, credit card promos etc etc)

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