HP F/As are hurting

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Originally Posted by mallthus
Seriously, I'm not sure they have hired any new F/As since '83, at least based on my recent travel. Even NW seems to have younger cabin crews.

(tongue thoroughly in cheek and apologies to anyone offended)

Just because you have a crew of FA's that are older it doesn't mean that they are senior. Many of the airlines hired FA's in their mid 40's in hopes that they would only like to to fly for a short time(10-15 yrs) then retire.

I hope all works out for the employees of AWA/US
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Question I gues just don't understand the business aspect of this merger..

I feel that "Date of Hire" should rule.
Which is why I don't understand why Hp Flt Attendants are being placed on the seniority list behind all US Flt Attendants.

USAirways was recently in bankruptcy for the 2nd time in almost as many years. They appeared to close to doom until an investor showed up. That investor of course being America West Holdings (or whatever the corporate name is). USAirways was re;eased from bankruptcy on the condition that they sell out to HP. Son on that day, weren't all (most) US employees hired by HP?

The fact that internally, they will operate as separate carriers for a couple of years is irreleveant.
The fact that HP intends to market both of its airlines as one, and of the 2 names it owns it has decided on US, is irrelevant.
USAirways died. The US employess should be grateful that they weren't all laid off in Chapter 7. And they should be thankful that thru fate, the name of company they've worked for will live on. But they work for HP now.

And I thot that in most airline mergers, once the seniority lists were combined, you could not use you seniority to "cross-bump" another employee. By "cross-bump" I mean that if I were an "ex" US crew member, I could not use my senority to "bump" an "HP" employee out of PHX. I would have to wait until there was an opening in PHX. At that time my senority may trump an "HP" employee who has been trying to transfer to PHX for years. Can you imagine the chaos if "US" employees could just bump any "HP" employee ??? It's worse with the pilots because for them it's not only their base station but also the aircraft type (larger planes generally pay more $$$) and the seat (ie: Captain vs First Officer)

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