Unprofessional Flight Crew

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Unprofessional Flight Crew

September 1, 2005 HP Flight #10 ORD-PHX

Wow! I had an unbelieveable experience last night on the above mentioned flight. About 2hrs into the flight one of the two main cabin flight attendants went into the flight deck. No big deal right? While she was in there the FC flight attendant had to block access to the forward lav until she came out. Sounds normal, right? Well.....she didn't come out for an hour! After about 30 minutes of standing there with her arms up the FC FA started to get upset (although she was VERY professional and handled the whole situation quite well). During this time the movie ended and we all know that people make a break for the lav.... Well we obviously couldn't use the FC lav and the line was at least 20 people deep in the main cabin. People were getting upset (especially us in FC). The other main cabin FA came up and was also quite annoyed and told the FC FA to call the captain. The captain told her to just let people use the forword lav as the flight attendant that was in there was doing something on his computer. ???? I can't imagine that she should "just let people go ahead and use the lav". Also when she finally came out, the FC FA wasn't informed and there was someone up and in the FC lav when the flight deck door was opened....Amazing! I felt bad for the other two FA who had to work without the third FA. What if something went wrong with the flight or in the cabin?

I'm going to cut and paste this to americawest.com/feedback. Does anyone know who else should hear this?
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That FA must have been working on his "LAPTOP"........ Downloading from the "HARDDRIVE". Couldn't resist......
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What FA in the world would need to use a flight deck computer for an hour? The only thing that I can see is that she wasn't using the computer...not going there though...

That's just plain rude and highly improper.
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Yeah that's not very good...but there should not have been a reason why they couldn't use the FC lav. I fly on CO a lot and they always say the front lav is for FC passengers only, but everyone else uses it. Kinda silly.
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If the cockpit door is open, access to the area is supposed to be blocked. That means nobody can use the front lavatory, as it's right behind the door.
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Oh i get it...so the FA was in there with the door open...they should have closed it then...that's pretty stupid.
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I was on that flight too and I thought it was strange. I was going to post something here and write a letter to that Customer Advoate to ask them to investigate what happened (send e-mail to: [email protected]).

Let's both do it!

The bright side was that the door was closed and I think the remaining two flight crew did what they could very well.

Not only this is bad for customer service, I don't even think this is good flight safety - the cockpit crew must be distracted all that time. I thought the FA (the really friendly one named Melanie) was really unprofessional too - not only she ignored serving her passengers, she also ditched her colleagues.

This situation is actually worse because someone had "vandalized" BOTH of the 2 aft lavs - threw tons of paper towels in the toilet. I actually told Melanie this a little while before she went into the cockpit. So, people have to suffer using the aft lavs (I heard someone saying how gross it was).

I think she was there for more than an hour - she came out at 8:00 MST (30 minutes before landing) with a dinner tray and I thought she went in quite some time before 7:00 MST (flight took off at 5:06 MST).

As a result, I think the following service deviations occurred:

1 - they did not do the final drink service
2 - they did not play the sitcom/other short videos
3 - they did not play the merger news

I was on a flight the next day and asked an FA about this. He said some FAs do that and usually he would call to get them out after 20 minutes.

You are right, it is unprofessional and they better do something about this.

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Yes please write in....corporate needs to hear about it...it's embarrassing!!
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