HP Announces new non stop MCI-CLE

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HP Announces new non stop MCI-CLE

Was pleasantly watching the Ashton Kutchner movie on flight 534, phx-cle, on Tuesday when all of a sudden the PIC comes on the p/a and says " sorry folks, but due to a security breach, we will have to make an emergency divert to Kansas City" Of course you hear about this happening, but being in it is something different. I swear people would be looking around, at each other, trying to figure out if the breach is an actual event or a person.

Offloaded at MCI, where they re-processed all pax through security, brought on KC's local finest, sans the K9 unit, but to no avail. I ended up speaking to the PIC a few mins later and asked him do you (obviously) need to file a new flight plan. "No, I have someone that does that for me, it's the mountain of paperwork for this that will take forever to complete".

Bottom line: The lead f/a found a razor blade in the lav enroute. She reported it to the PIC, then the rest is history. Being more safe than sorry I imagine. All in all, 2.5 hour delay but this is life flying in a post 9/11 world I guess.

The amusing part is when we were taxing at CLE to our gate just after rollout from our landing, I look outside to see the ontime lunch time departure from PHX cross the threshold
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