employee recognition coupons

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employee recognition coupons

I have a bunch of the employee recognition coupons... is it worth it to the employees to receive those? When you all of you give them out, if all? To flight attendents only or other employees?
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I give mine out blank and let the employee fill them out.From what I have "heard" they are worth about $ 20 on the employee black market and I think ten of them lets an employee get a positive space reservation on a flight instead of having to go stand-by.
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I fill out the passenger name and FlightFund number section and leave the rest blank. My favorite America West Club agents say they really enjoy receiving them, so I'm quite happy to give them. I have also given coupons in the past to my favorite ticket agents. Since the advent of kiosk check-in, I rarely see the ticket agents anymore.
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I've given out 4 (of my alloted 6) so far this year. Each time I did hand one out (ticket counter, gate agt, flt attendant) they always seemed very appreciative.

On one flight (with empty seats in First Class - OAK to PHX) I stuck up a good conversation with my seatmate who happened to be a Reservation Agent flying on a pass. He though I had paid for a last minute upgrade at the gate. While I was telling him that I'm Platinum I almost bit my lip because sometimes I think airline employees hate their Elites. He immediately responded with "oh I love dealing with the Platinums because they know what's going on." No disrespect to my lower Elites but he ended the sentance with "the Silvers are dreadful because they think now that they have that card we owe them everything; IE: upgrades even though First is full".

Anyhow, we had a very nice conversation and both os us had no problems understanding each others perspective in the jungle that air travel has become. At the end of the flight, I had the same question that phxleanconsultant had. So I pulled out my travel wallet and recognition cards and asked him directly if they mean anything to the employees. He turned red right away (I assume becase he knew he was about to get one without directly helping a customer...and as Res Agt not being used to dealing with the customer face to face) and said they are nice to have in your employee file. I handed him a totally blank one and he did ask that I write my FlightFund number on it (which I usually do, and is all I write).

I do hope that FlightFund monitors distribution and sends more if you're depleted. As an ex AA Platinum (2 years) turned CO Platinum (4 years) turned HP Platinum (1st year and only because I was transferred to PHX... I was happy w/CO-NW) I still question my move to America West. Their level of service, while far above Southwest, is what I consider pathetic. But I do recognize their attempt to rationalize business fares. Therefore, it all comes down to their employees. Unfortunatly, it's like being on AA again...either the employees shine or show the very definition of the word attitude. Since I prefer a more consistant experience (what I feel I had on CO/NW) I do wish to recognize those who shine and only hope that HDQ does too !!

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