Best FC seats

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Best FC seats

New to the board and new to HP and think the FF program is great. Any advice as to the best seat option in FC or which ones to avoid?

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737: Two rows, 2 & 2. Avoid row 1 on A/B side as there is no bulkhead so people step on you while boarding and you get to listen to the FA's talk about the schedules they're bidding on or flying. Best is row 2, either side.

A320/319: Three rows, 2 & 2. Front row is nice in my opinion if you like bulkhead seats. No cut outs for feet, though. Row 2 is best on long-hauls as for meal orders the FA's frequently switch between starting in the front or back depending upon whether they're going East or West. I can never remember which is which, but if you're in Row 2, you're pretty much assured of getting what you want. I don't think there is much of a difference between rows 2 & 3. There's not much under-seat storage in the seats on these planes.

757: Four rows on A/B side, three rows on the C/D side. 2 & 2. Bulkheads are particularly crowded, unless you get one of the planes that have a cut out on the C/D side, then it's the best seat in the cabin, IMO. I don't know what percentage have them. Generally speaking, these seats are more cramped than the 320/319's, so I always prefer to fly those if going to the right coast.

All, though, are better than the alternative.
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AZ is right, I also like row 2 in general. For red-eyes, I think the right side is slightly better, since the light from the galley is pretty much blocked by the bulkhead.

Also, I think the overhead above row 1 is sometimes used by the crew, forcing you to use spaces behind you. Going against the flow to get your luggage for deplaning could sometimes be a problem.

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Stay away from bulkhead seats in F on the Airbus aircraft. The legroom is terrible. The last row in America West First Class is generally poor for recline (restricted due to the wall on the B757 and can be obstructed by hanging jackets on the Airbus). I prefer the second row on all aircraft (including the row two bulkhead on the B757), except for the Boeing 737. On the 737, I like to sit in 1A or 1B due to the abundance of leg room. Some people don't like these seats due to people passing by during the boarding process and the proximity to the flight attendant jump seats.
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Row 1 of the 319 isn't bad - they all have a wall that moves forward at your feet giving you more legroom than the 757 or some of hte 320s. Some of the 320s are this way too, but others just have the straight wall. You really don't know which one you're getting untill you board. I'd stick woth row 2 on the 320s, but any row is fine on the 319s - it depends on your preferences.

A couple more things:
- The back row recline on the arbuses (or is it airbii?) is only obstucted by coats in the winter - never hade a problem on a summertime flight - there's some extra room in there between the seat and the wall.

- They usually take meal orders from the East end of the plane - so it's front to back when going to the East coast, and back to front when coming out west.

- I like 1A and B on the '37 too - except for 1 particular plane that has a wall there.
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