Is it too warm on ANA flights?

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Is it too warm on ANA flights?

we are flying San Jose to Tokyo on ANA. I just read on another forum someone saying that ANA sets their plane temperature hotter than average. Is this true for all routes?

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It is all relative, but yes ANA keep the temperature higher than say UA, AA or SQ. I don't have a problem with the temperature on NH. Just flew HND VIE and had no problem with feeling too hot Would guess around 22 degrees in the cabin
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I had a terrible experience on NH J TPE to NRT. The cabin was set to 25 deg C and the FAs refused to lower the temp.
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Much like other East Asian carriers, the cabin runs warm. If anything its still not warm enough because they provide cardigan rentals in J and F.
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My recent experience was not as bad as Buster CT1k's and is in line with CPH-Flyer's. I flew ORD-NRT three weeks ago and NRT-IAD last week, both in F. I would guess it was around 21C. I can't sleep if it's any hotter---and I have had problems on JAL in the past for this reason. But it was not too hot on either of these flights.
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I only wear short sleeve shirts when I fly on NH, JL, and LH. It helps with the hot cabins.
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Flew a few times and never felt too warm.

Just wear layers if u know u always feel warm on flights.
Strip off your jacket/coat/sweater whatever when in flight
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I have found NH cabins to be very warm. I always carry a USB portable fan when I'm flying NH and I use it most of the time. It's definitely usually higher than 22C on my flights as I'd be fine with that.

In the F cabin, I find that the FAs will turn down the temperature if the load is low. But if it's even just half-full or so, they won't turn it down.
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I'm very very sensitive to warm cabins, but surprisingly, the cabin temperature for my NRT to ORD flight wasn't bad at all. Granted, I brought 2 portable fans (I came prepared for the worst), but I actually didn't need them. At one point, I even though it was pretty cool.
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Best to carry shorts, t-shirts, and breathable sweatpants with you when flying on Japanese carriers to cope with potentially warm temperatures!
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Flew NH8 from NRT to SFO today in J class and boy was it warm! Couldn't wear the PJs they had because I was going to start sweating through them. They did lower the temp a bit once a few passengers spoke up, so by the time I landed, it was better ... but boy was it warm when we started off.
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I love their hotbox cabin! I cannot sleep when I'm cold, but no problem in the heat. Just dress light and drink plenty of kabosu.
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Another vote for warm cabins! I like to sit by the window and on United flights its positively freezing. I had to wrap an extra blanket around my ankles and feet once sitting in economy.
Can't stand their thick pajamas though... the Polaris PJs are just right.
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I guess there's a huge variation among people. Last year on a Delta long haul I felt very cold (yes I like window seats) even with their nice Westin bedding. I had a stuffy nose and was wondering if I caught a cold. But once I was on the ground I was back to normal. I guess my body just wasn't used to the cabin environment.
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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", I guess its the same with temperatures. 4 flights in the past week with NH

GMPHND early morning, temperature on the higher side
HNDFRA daytime, comfortable
FRAHND overnight flight, cold!
FRAGMP early morning, comfortable

Thats for business/first cabin
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