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naeglerian Nov 6, 16 11:31 am

Need Premium Economy Seat Advice
Hi, I'll be flying SJC-NRT in premium economy soon. Are the bulkhead seats good? Are the aisle bulkhead seats in the path of the carts? Thanks for your help.

polandspringuy Nov 13, 16 2:06 am

Originally Posted by naeglerian (Post 27444452)
Hi, I'll be flying SJC-NRT in premium economy soon. Are the bulkhead seats good? Are the aisle bulkhead seats in the path of the carts? Thanks for your help.

I like the footrest in the non bulkheads but that's just my preference. You'll have a little more room with the bulk head but I don't think it's a huge difference. I'd be surprised if you had any issue with the cart especially given the attentiveness of NH staff.

Primary Consult Nov 14, 16 11:14 pm

I only fly ANA in Economy Premium (or better, if lucky). I've found any seat in the area good, with pros and cons for the bulkhead:
1. Aisle bulkhead seats are fine, the walls help keep the cart from hitting you.
2. Aisle seat in bulkhead row is mostly unnecessary anyway. The window / inner seat can get to the aisle without disturbing the neighbours, unless the aisle neighbour is both tall and fully reclined with the legrest up, and provided they haven't set up shop (bags, etc) in the extra space. This means that even though you lose the under seat storage location for takeoff/landing, you can get to your overhead bin easily for a good portion of the flight from any bulkhead seat.
3. All economy premium seats have the tray in the arm, so there is no difference here.

1. There's so much space that some people will use it as a cross path to the other aisle, which can get annoying if you're watching the screen on the wall, which brings me to:
2. No privacy, everyone can see what you are watching. As someone who spends 90% of his time watching the flight path, sleeping, or drinking alcohol this isn't an issue, but it might be for others.

Here is an image (not mine) which well help (you will likely be on a B787):

naeglerian Nov 28, 16 12:32 am

Thanks for the information. My outbound flight happened before the replies, and on the return there was only the middle bulkhead available, but this was actually very comfortable, with plenty of leg room. I managed to doze off and even miss breakfast, and I am not one to sleep well even in a premium economy seat.

piemel Nov 9, 19 1:24 am

Question from tall guy
For premium economy on NH801.... do bulkhead seats in row 18 middle seat allow enough room for tall legs or am I better off in row 19 aisle seat?

66... meaning long legs here :)

piemel Nov 9, 19 10:40 pm

Got the answer to my question by the experiencing it for 7 hours.

No, middle seat bulkhead Premium Economy seats (row 18) in a 77W is not really suitable for a tall guy. I could not fully stretch my legs so for future flight I would pick row 19 instead.

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