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Gardyloo Mar 13, 16 4:28 pm

Alaska photos
Anybody interested in sharing your pictures of Alaska? I've been scanning some old pictures lately and thought they might be of interest. Mods, if this is better placed in the travel photography forum, go for it.

Anyway, a few oldies...

Bethel, 1971

St. George (Pribilofs) around 1978

State Fair rodeo, Palmer, around 1983

Somewhere along the Denali Highway, around 1981

Iliuliuk Bay, Unalaska, around 1979

allset2travel Mar 31, 16 3:59 pm

Gardyloo, Thanks for sharing the vintage photos from Alaska. Alaska is one of my favorite destinations.

Here are a few from my archive:

nnn May 7, 16 4:02 pm

Gorgeous. Heading up there on a cruise this summer and looking forward to it.

Gardyloo May 7, 16 4:36 pm

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I'll throw out a couple more...

Yakutat Bay and Hubbard Glacier

Attachment 7392

A rainy day in Juneau

Attachment 7393

Hoarfrost in my back yard

Attachment 7394

Cheetah_SA May 9, 16 7:42 am

Truly stunning photographs! ^

You should probably stop though... you are raising my expectations for my upcoming trip unreasonably high. This can only lead to disappointment. ;)

Gardyloo Feb 10, 17 8:53 pm

Feeling melancholy, so a few more scans...

Portage Lake back when there was more glacier to calve off chunks

Sand Point, on the Shumagin Islands (Aleutian region)

Upper Russian Lake, Kenai Peninsula

Russian Orthodox Church, Akutan (Aleutians)

allset2travel Apr 11, 17 10:41 am

Super pics in landscape diversity. Were all of these scanned from slides?

I particularly like the shot of Akutat Bay (?)

I include a couple from Denali:

Gardyloo Apr 12, 17 7:27 am

Beautiful shots. Unfortunately all my pics of Denali got lost some years ago, it's a real gap in my coverage.

Originally Posted by allset2travel (Post 28162104)
Super pics in landscape diversity. Were all of these scanned from slides?

The Yakutat Bay and Juneau cloud shots were taken with digital equipment; all others are scans off slides, hence the relatively low quality. In a couple of cases the colors have started to fade or change, e.g. Akutan and the Denali Hwy. shots.

Here are a couple more, FWIW -

Unalaska Orthodox cemetery, now relocated

Mirror Lake, between Anchorage and Palmer

Susitna Valley

allset2travel Apr 16, 17 11:14 pm



The fall foliage shot at Mirror Lake was ^.

I was there briefly when the weather started to change swiftly from bad to worst. I never had a chance to get any shot like yours. I was looking for a reflection shot of Mt. McKinley on the lake (I know of the name change!). Didn't get that either :(

jackal May 7, 17 4:53 pm

Spectacular; keep 'em coming, guys!

allset2travel, that fall Denali shot is amazing. My favorite time of year in the park. That color palette is just something you don't get many places.

I have thousands all of substantially lower quality than you guys have posted, but I lack the time to sort through them. If I come across any worth anything, though, I'll try to remember to share them here...

Gardyloo May 8, 17 8:41 am

Okay, a couple more...

Native Heritage Center access road, Anchorage

4th of July parade, Ketchikan

Somewhere in College Inlet

allset2travel Jul 16, 17 10:43 pm

Exit Glacier near Seward

allset2travel Jul 16, 17 10:47 pm

Denali NP

RustyC Jul 17, 17 1:38 am

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Those color filters on some shots had me thinking there was something wrong with my video card. :p Am glad I didn't try to adjust.

My gear is limited to Canon PowerShots, alas, and it could get to where smartphones will take better pictures soon. Here's a "gold on gold" from mid- to late September near Fairbanks. There's a brief window where aspen forests along the roads are a sea of green (evergreens) and gold (mostly aspens). Combine that with about a 10-15 minute period of pre-sunset sunlight and you get a gold-on-gold effect.

allset2travel Oct 18, 18 9:40 pm

Fall Foliage image from Mirror Lake Alaska
Hope I didn't violate any FT rule by waking this old thread.

From a recent trip:

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