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AS In-Person (and Online) Flyer Forum with Alaska Airlines Executives

Old Dec 4, 22, 8:20 pm
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Suggested Questions to Be Asked of AS Executives by In-Person Attendees
  • The Elite Upgrade Processor does not upgrade at the elite windows when upgrade space is available and often process the upgrade list inconsistently when it does run. This has been a problem for well over a year. When will this be fixed?
  • What are the plans for overall network growth (% increase in flights) for 2023 and 2024? Is the focus more flights to existing cities?
  • What are the growth plans for SFO? LAX?
  • What are the plans for Dallas Love Field (currently only one flight daily to SEA and SFO)?
  • Please describe what *if any* plans exist for improving SEA ops in winter weather conditions the chaos that has rippled throughout the entire system for nearly a week after the last four or five wx events many of which actually didnt develop as badly as initially forecast has left a *very* bad impression of all aspects of AS operations and management
  • Going forward, will AS allow mixing partner award flights? Like SEA-LHR on BA, then LHR-KUL on MH on a single ticket?
  • Regarding Partner Award availability, are there any plans to make it easier for Seattle-based members to get to major U.S. gateways (e.g., LAX, DFW, ORD). In other words: why is there rarely/never award space at the right level to us get to these gateways?
  • What are the expansion plans for PAE? Are Spokane and Portland possibilities?

What was submitted from Remote participants:
  • How dependent on the network growth plan is the MAX assembly and delivery schedule?
  • What will it take to display "real" EQMs (e.g. No California Bonus) and AS metal segments required for elite tier status in the Alaska App?
  • A round robin question to each executive, non-binding answer of course, what airport would each exec like to see a new Alaska Lounge at?

Link to the presentation: Alaska Airlines Flyer Forum 2022 - YouTube

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AS In-Person (and Online) Flyer Forum with Alaska Airlines Executives

Old Nov 15, 22, 6:07 pm
Join Date: Jul 2017
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Multi-year Gold or 75k, no invite to either in person or on-line. It looks like it’s intended as mostly a one-way flow of info about how great things are rather than a dialogue, so probably not missing much.
BayAreaTrvler is offline  
Old Nov 15, 22, 11:16 pm
Join Date: Mar 2021
Location: I didn't SEA it
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This event has reached capacity. Thank you for your interest. Take care!

Didnt see the email until this morning at 4:45am and got the message above. Annoying that the email says RSVP by 11/21/22 but the capacity was reached within 8 hours going by posts on here.
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Old Nov 16, 22, 12:25 am
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140 flights with AS this year so far. No invite
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Old Nov 16, 22, 1:11 am
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Originally Posted by 985X
140 flights with AS this year so far. No invite
Slacker! Are you going to be the first to claim 100K on segments?

No invite for me either. Only 44 AS segments but I did earn 75K organically twice. 1 AA revenue flight left on the books for 2022. The remainder of flying will be awards.

Flying for Fun is offline  
Old Nov 16, 22, 7:47 am
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Originally Posted by WillTravel4Food
I hope somebody brings up the topic of no award space to OW gateway airports. It's incredibly frustrating to see no availability SEA-ORD/DFW/LAX where there seems to be so much more award space available. Just today I saw award space on an int'l flight out of DFW, then see the cheapest award rate was 30k miles for a Sunday morning at 7:30am with zero seats sold. This is nothing to do with partners opening up space, but rather AS making it possible to get to the gateway.
I had two very related questions about OW/AA which for me was a mistake if your flying to Europe/Africa no gain as Ben purports to be, if one looks at the OW redemption rates they will take your breath away !! It will be very interesting to see exactly what is said and maybe more important what isn't said by Ben.
edgewood49 is offline  
Old Nov 18, 22, 5:39 pm
Join Date: Jun 2015
Location: Seattle, WA
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Well I just got an email informed I've been bumped to the waitlist for the in person event despite signing up for it 19 minutes after the invite email was received so I guess they didn't bump people by who signed up first.

Pretty lame... I was excited about going. Guess I won't get my hopes up if they do something like this again
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nearlysober is offline  
Old Nov 18, 22, 5:41 pm
FlyerTalk Evangelist
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LOL, I think the folks who maintain the upgrade processor handled the email notification. Did you really need to spam me with 20 identical emails, Alaska?

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eponymous_coward is offline  
Old Nov 18, 22, 5:52 pm
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too lowly to get an invite to in person, just got invite to online
RedPanda5 is offline  
Old Nov 18, 22, 6:03 pm
Join Date: Dec 2017
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I must be the winner - I got 30 emails uninviting me to the forum! Way to go Alaska - make your customers feel really good. Not enough to disinvite me once - it has to be 30 times.
I also had signed up for the event immediately upon getting the invite.
mtnsider is offline  
Old Nov 18, 22, 6:07 pm
Join Date: Sep 2011
Programs: AS 100K and AS 1MM
Posts: 54
I got moved to the waitlist as well - and received 247 (!) separate notifications across 3 different threads of 100/100/47. Good times.
VirtuousKangaroo is offline  
Old Nov 18, 22, 6:21 pm
Join Date: Jul 2018
Location: sometimes, strangely, I find myself at home
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Alas, I have not received an invitation. Must be some mistake. When they find out they forgot, I am sure they will be very embarrassed. They have my number, so I'll just sit here by the phone in my tuxedo waiting for them to call.
PaperGlider is offline  
Old Nov 18, 22, 6:22 pm
Join Date: Jun 2015
Location: Seattle, WA
Programs: Alaska Airlines
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Originally Posted by tpritchard
I got moved to the waitlist as well - and received 247 (!) separate notifications across 3 different threads of 100/100/47. Good times.
I only got uninvited 56 times. I guess they like me more than you
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Old Nov 18, 22, 6:31 pm
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Better late than never I guess? Just got the invitation an hour ago. I wonder if it has any coincidence that I hit 100K on Monday lol
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Old Nov 18, 22, 6:46 pm
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My rock just turned into silver.

Received my email for the virtual event.


Sorry some have been waitlisted for the in-persob. Hope there is some involuntary meeting compensation, perhaps in the form of 2 bags of PeaTos.
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beckoa is offline  
Old Nov 18, 22, 6:53 pm
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Just got the virtual invite. Might be interesting. Most of my flying this year has been on oneworld or sadly Star Alliance.
The upside is that the destinations are more fun than my old work related flights.
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