Labor Issues Cause Flight Cancellations

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Originally Posted by TheDudeAbides View Post
I'm getting whacked again right now by these crew issues... sitting here rotting in SEA instead of in the air on the way home. UA is zeroed out. All AS flights are full. If management really wanted to solve this, they could choose to sell flights to only 75% capacity to absorb these delays and cancellations. They'd be taking a loss on every flight but they might not lose future customers so readily.

I've booked everything away from AS from now until end of schedule, but these are pre-existing tickets. I would cancel but I don't want more MyWallet funds. AS won't refund pre-emptively and by the time the "crew" issues are announced, it's too late to react or $1000+++ to get a last minute flight SFO-SEA or SFO-LAX on another airline, if any seats are even available.

What kind of compensation are people requesting and getting these days? Is AS still issuing both RDM and EQM for these fully within-the-airline's-control delays?
OAK SJC or even STS or SMF viable at all?
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Originally Posted by StevenSeagalFan View Post
OAK SJC or even STS or SMF viable at all?
STS & SMF not really viable options - any time recovery eaten up by travel time on the road. OAK and SJC were also fully zeroed out, plus my car was parked at the terminal at SFO. AS finally did get me home, albeit 2.5 hours late. Not huge in the grand scheme of things but, as noted, unlike Wx and Mx, scheduling and staffing are fully within the airline's control and planning. Not being able to provide an on-time crew in the airline's *only* actual hub is inexcusable. Our time has value, which AS is disregarding.
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