Alaska IT error in my favor, for once?

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Alaska IT error in my favor, for once?

Had a flight for 2 booked tonight and... forgot to take it!

Well, okay, I had planned to cancel it, but forgot to do that. Only realized my error after catching the boarding notification on my phone... 20 minutes after departure.

Before calling up and pleading an agent for leniency, figured Iíd give a shot; pulled up the itin, clicked cancel, and boom! Worked like a charm.

Could have sworn post-departure cancellations were prevented by the system. Then again, canít really remember the last time I tried. Existing behavior or did I get lucky?
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Yes. Just like there can be a delay between the opening of U inventory and the running of the upgrade processor, there is some delay between the push back of the airplane and when the system does an automatic sweep to mark the tickets of no-show pax as used.
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I had a cancelled ticket credit get applied to my account twice last November. I was worried for a while that they would catch it so I didnít keep any funds in Wallet but they never did. I was over in Europe when canceling and spotty service and must have submitted twice. But it credit the exact ticket number twice. I figured they would have some duplicate checker in place but apparently not.
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