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What are you cancelling, what have you flown?

What are you cancelling, what have you flown?

Old Mar 18, 20, 10:04 pm
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What are you cancelling, what have you flown?

Curious to see, among FTer's what the impact of AS cancellations have looked like or what the experience has been with AS if you've flown.
For flown, obviously has to be a flight that already happened, for cancellations it can be past flights, or future flights you've cancelled.

Let's discuss flights since Feb 27th - when AS first started offering their waiver/flexible tickets.

Let's see if if we can keep this on track, which means no judging people based on their flying habits, no discussion of over or under reaction & no lecturing about the "right" thing to do - just want to keep track of how it's impacting. Use this format:

Status: Cancelled trip or Flown trip
Notes: If cancelled, what was the trip going to be? If flown, any interesting things about the experience on the plane or airport?

I'll go first!

Status: Flown
Routing: SEA-JFK R/T
Dates: 02/29
Notes: Leap Day mileage run deal. It was a normal flight, met 3 other mileage runners in the lounge and we had drinks and discussed the points game. No signs of the changes to come, or that just five days later I'd be working from home indefinitely.

Status: Cancelled
Routing: SEA-FLL R/T
Dates: 03/13-03/14
Notes: Redeye mileage run... didn't want to risk exposing myself before visiting my older parents on the following Sunday.

Status: Cancelled
Routing: SEA-LAS R/T
Dates: 03/18-03/22
Notes: Annual Vegas March Madness trip - first March Madness was cancelled, then Vegas completely shut down - surreal!

Status: Cancelled
Routing: SEA-PHL R/T
Dates: 03/27-03/29
Notes: A mileage run combined with a 24 hour visit of the city sites... but with everything being closed, no point now.
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Old Mar 18, 20, 10:43 pm
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Moved domestic trips out a few months (Seattle to California/Texas etc)
Used the awesome free-cancellation waiver to make a couple international emirates bookings which i may keep or cancel depending on situation
Used the low-low prices for a florida beach trip a few weeks out lets see if i actually end up flying it
Used the free-cancel waiver to book many weekend trips for fall/winter

Overall I have made more bookings for the rest of the year than cancelled. So the waivers that alaska put in were really good.
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Old Mar 18, 20, 11:25 pm
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Had to cancel a BOI > SEA flight that was scheduled for 3/15/20. Flew BOI > PDX > LAX 3/11/20.
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Old Mar 19, 20, 2:35 am
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Status: Cancelled trip
Dates: 3/19
Notes: Mileage run for double EQMs. Canceled when things got bad and doing a MR became a stupid idea

Status: Flown trip
Dates: Outbound: 3/17 (originally 3/23) Return: Supposed to be 4/22 but who knows at this point?
Notes: Trying to get to our place in HNL. Originally scheduled for 3/23, moved our flight up to 3/17 when there was talk of a domestic travel ban and/or border closure with Canada. We got in just under the wire but it was a bit of an ordeal. Diverted to KOA due to thunderstorms in HNL. No gate for us due to planes stuck there because OGG was closed temporarily due to an accident (a Cessna flipped over) so waited in the penalty box. Gate opened up but an incoming aircraft had crew on the verge of timing out so they took priority. Finally got a gate, refuelled and onto HNL. Again, no gate for us in HNL so back in the box for over an hour. All told, over 10 hours on the plane (for a 5.5 hour flight) but at least we were in F so it could have been worse. Now, no idea how we will get back to YVR a the end of April due to border closure and the inevitable cancelation or scaling back of commercial flights so the sage will continue.

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Old Mar 19, 20, 8:09 am
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Canceled: Everything.
Flown: Nothing.

For the first time I can remember I have no booked flights and no booked hotels. I go to alaskaair.com and the My Trips page is empty. I go to hilton.com and my reservations page is empty.
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Old Mar 19, 20, 9:39 am
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Flown: Nothing

Cancelled: everything. I had about 22,000 EQM coming this month based off trips - NYC, SEA, FLL for spring break - and cancelled everything. Donít want to risk spreading it if I get it and I still believe Alaska will allow some way to extend/maintain status later on.
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Old Mar 19, 20, 9:49 am
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March / April - all canceled.

Early May - one quick domestic family event - not yet canceled. One longer int'l - rebooked from April, probably will need to cancel. I think things will still be too unstable by then..
June - One domestic - too soon to know if event will occur. One longer int'l - rebooked from yesterday, depends on the state of the world.
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Old Mar 19, 20, 9:50 am
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Flown: Nothing

Cancelled: Everything. March started with a work conference being cancelled, and then another one postponed until September. April bookings have been cancelled one-by-one as meetings have cancelled and then the Shelter-in-Place order came down on Monday here in SF. Had another conference the 2nd week of May that just postponed to October, so nothing on the books for May now either.
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Old Mar 19, 20, 10:02 am
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Status: Flown
Routing: SEA BOS SEA
Dates: 3/1 -3/4 RT
Notes: Felt like a normal trip

Status: Flown
Dates: 3/5 RT
Notes: Two projects, one in Hillsborough, one in Salem, normal flights (although had a woman sitting in my assigned seat upon boarding, thankfully it is a short flight)

Status: Flown
Routing: SEA ONT SEA
Dates: 3/8 - 3/9
Notes: Slightly less crowded, but still felt normal - determined that easiest place to get hand sanitizers and wipes is at the airports!

Status: Flown
Routing: SEA-ORD on AS, ORD GRR-ORD on AA (RT)
Dates: 3/11 - 3/13
Notes: return GRR ORD flight was delayed long enough that I purchased a separate ticket on UA back to ORD to make my ORD SEA flight on AS. FC was full but the back was fairly empty

Status: Cancelled
Routing: SEA DEN SEA
Dates: 3/18 - 3/21
Notes: Cancelled, speaker at an electrical conference near Denver, no rebooking date yet

Status: Cancelled
Routing: SEA OAK SEA
Dates: 3/22 - 3/23
Notes: Electrical certification of equipment, company is in lockdown mode

Status: Evidently I will fly this one
Routing: SEA SFO SEA
Dates: 3/23 RT
Notes:Electrical certification of equipment at the airport, in departures and arrivals - evidently airports are "critical need" the job cannot be delayed, but it is an in and out in one day project

Status: Cancelled trip
Routing: SEA BIL SEA
Dates: 3/29 - 3/31
Notes: Speaker at an electrical conference that is cancelled, no rebooking date yet
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Old Mar 19, 20, 10:45 am
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Status: Flown
Routing: PVR-PDX
Dates: 3/17
Notes: changed routing from ZLO-LAX-PDX to avoid LAX. Full flight with a few vacationers and lots of expats returning home

Status: to cancel soon
Routing: PDX-KOA
Dates: 4/17-4/27
Notes: Haven't attempted to cancel yet but will soon. It is a fully refundable fare. We are keeping the phone lines quiet for now.
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Old Mar 19, 20, 11:48 am
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Status: Flown
Routing: PDX-EWR-PDX
Dates: 2/29 - 2/29
Notes: Leap day 50% off sale, before 50% bonus EQM announced. All upgrades cleared.

Status: Flown
Routing: PDX-OGG-PDX
Dates: 3/10 - 3/10
Notes: Mileage run, 50% bonus EQM. All upgrades cleared.

Status: Canceled
Routing: PDX-OGG-PDX
Dates: 3/11- 3/11
Notes: The run before was fun but exhausting so I decided to cancel. Rebooked as a trip to Boston.

Status: Flown
Routing: PDX-LAX-FLL
Dates: 3/12 - 3/16
Notes: Vacation, routed through LAX both ways. Originally booked as an F award but changed to revenue ticket to earn 50% bonus EQM. All upgrades cleared.

Status: Likely to be canceled
Routing: PDX-BOS-PDX
Dates: 4/7 - 4/8
Notes: Mileage run, 50% bonus EQM. Paid $241 for the rt in main, cheapest I've ever seen on this route. I probably should cancel before T-120 because I'll find it harder to do after my upgrade clears.

Status: Likely to be canceled
Routing: PDX-SEA-STL
Dates: 4/11 - 4/14
Notes: Canceled conference reworked into a vacation. The first leg would get the bonus EQM.
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Old Mar 19, 20, 6:33 pm
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Last trip was PDX-PHX on 3/4.

Canceled in March:

I tend to book a few weeks out, so I didn't have much on the books for April.
PHX-PDX r/t (probably 2-3x)

No clue what May or June will look like. At this point everything is up in the air.
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Old Mar 19, 20, 7:25 pm
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Status: Flown
Dates: Returned 2/26
Notes: Business as usual – no notable Covid-19 precautions observed. No mention of the virus by residents in our two weeks abroad.

Status: Cancelled
Dates: 3/13 – 3/23
Notes: Conference cancelled due to SF restrictions.

Status: Flying
Dates: 3/16-3/23
Notes: Rescheduled trip sans conference. Paid F to SFO and remaining flights upgraded ~5 days out. SFO terminal pax quiet and respectful of 6ft distance. SEA and BOS not so much. Here’s hoping my Celtics-Knicks tickets are fully refunded.

Status: Cancelled
Dates: 4/13-4/25
Notes: AS cancelled my award travel due to AA cancelling its int’l flights. Would have done it earlier, but I wanted a refund on my paid-upgrade seats.

No plans for further travel.
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Old Mar 19, 20, 8:11 pm
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Status: Flown
Routing: SFO-EWR-SFO
Dates: 2/28-2/29
Notes: Cheap MR

Planning on cancelling the following unless things get better wrt the virus

MSY-SFO 3/28
SFO-FLL-SFO 3/30-3/31
SFO-JFK-SFO 4/3-4/4
SFO-FLL-SFO 4/6-4/7
SFO-JFK-SFO 4/10-4/11
SFO-EWR-SFO 4/24-4/25
SFO-BOS-SFO 5/8-5/9
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Old Mar 19, 20, 9:12 pm
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Canceled: My last flight was about 2 weeks ago. Since then, I cancelled all my bookings. I have typically kept about 24 or more flights booked in advance.
Flown: almost 12K before that.
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