Combining Discount Codes for Family of 5

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Combining Discount Codes for Family of 5

Last year I flew Alaska Airlines, had a lot of cancellations, and then a lot of mistakes when they reimbursed me in discount codes instead of cash. In the end, I got three discount codes valued at $350, $250, and $25.

I'm looking to book a vacation for my family now, 2 adults, 2 children 2 - 8, and one child under the age of 2.

Prior threads suggest I may have to sacrifice the $25 code and that I should book my wife and I separately, and split the kids up. But can we use the discount code if I am not on the ticket? Or would it be better to book one way trips all together, and apply the two codes each way?

I am NOT using compannion fare or anything else

Based on my experience last year, and the way they reimbursed it, I'd never travel again on Alaska. But figured I'd use the credits even though the cost of the trip for all 5 of us ($1900) is way more than the credit. I've also got a call in to customer service on this.
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Usually the discount code T&C will say that the recipient has to be one of the travelers, but ymmv if booking system will enforce it or just match on the last name.

Booking two one ways with everyone on the same reservations would be my choice, simply because if something happened to your flights and you needed to get rebooked, it would all be together.

If Customer Care isn't able to combine the codes or roll the $25 into one of the others, you might ask if they'll exchange it for miles and get some value out of it.
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Im not sure what the prices of the individual legs are? If it were me, I would consider booking everyone together, one way, on the way there using the $350 certificate. Then, for the one way home, could split your group into two (one adult in each) and use both the $250 and $25. Id double check the verbiage on your codes, but Ive used mine in the past for family members (when I wasnt flying with them) and never had any issues.
If you do book separately on the way home, make sure you link the two reservations on the Alaska website in case of schedule changes
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Call customer care and ask nicely if they'll combine them for you.
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I would also not put too much importance into whether the tickets are booked into the same PNR unless there is upgrade or other value.

In IRROPS, AS will still keep you together if possible and, if not, you may want to split into two groups anyway. I certainly would not let PNR allocation get in the away of $ savings.
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Fairly certain I've used discounts on separate PNRs (for family members) in the past without issue. Then you can link the separate records so AS has a record that you are traveling together.
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If you go with separate bookings and want/need to sit together, make sure you opt out of all upgrades (F, premium class). Linking two records will not prevent only one of the linked PNRs from being upgraded -- even if the upgrade leaves small children sitting alone in their original seats.
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