YVR Interline to CX

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YVR Interline to CX

In December, I am flying the return leg of my Cathay Pacific mistake fare back to Hanoi from YVR and I am wondering about interlining bags from a separate Alaska ticket.

Here are the details:
  • Ticket 1: AS SFO-SEA-YVR
  • Three hour layover YVR
  • Ticket 2: CX YVR-HKG-HAN
The AS MVP lines tells me I will have to check bags to YVR, clear immigration, collect bags and re-checkin with CX. Three hours should be enough to do this, if nothing goes wrong. But, I'd feel a lot better if I could avoid the whole thing. Otherwise, I may take an earlier flight into YVR, but would then have a 7 hour layover.

Any thoughts / experience?

Thanks in advance.
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If the flights on the second ticket are important to you, I suggest you arrive in YVR the day before.
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I don't believe what the MVP line told you is correct.


When making international connections on a separate ticket to other airlines within twelve (12) hours of arriving in the connection city, you may follow the baggage allowance and weight restrictions of the international airline - provided a ticketing and baggage agreement is in place between Alaska Airlines and the other carrier.
According to

Passenger Guides | YVR

your baggage should be checked through and you can use International Connections to reach your onward CX flight.

ETA: agree with creating more of a buffer, particularly on separate tickets & both SFO/SEA in the mix
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You might also consider making the connection at PDX instead of SEA, a lot less chance for issues.
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Will you be taking CX819 that departs YVR in the afternoon or CX865 that departs YVR at midnight?

I have taken SEA-YVR-HKG a few times. Your bags should be tagged through to HKG regardless of which flight you are on. However, Alaska won't be able to print CX's boarding pass. For CX819, when the transit desk is open at YVR, you can get through passport control with a printed itinerary and/or bag tags. Then you either get the CX boarding pass printed at the gate or at the CX lounge (you will have lounge access flying F). For CX865, the transit desk at YVR should be closed when you land at YVR. You will have to go through Canadian immigration to go landside, go upstairs to the departure hall and head to CX's check-in counter, get the boarding pass printed, and do the exit security again.

For CX819, the bags are usually transferred automatically. For CX865, despite the Alaska check-in agent telling me the bags were checked through and I did not have to pick them up at YVR, my bags have mystically shown up on the belt. I had to pick them up, go through Canadian immigration, and go upstairs to CX's check-in counter to re-check them. What I usually do now, if I transit to CX865, is to wait at the belt for a while to make sure my bags are transferred automatically before I proceed with Canadian immigration.

AS staff are useless in this regard. I have had inconsistent answers during check-in in Seattle and at the baggage assistance counter in YVR. Most of the times the bags should transfer OK, but I have learned to be safe rather than being sorry.
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This is great information. I am on CX 865 (the 1 am flight). I just changed my AS flight to now arrive at 6:30 pm. I thought the 10 pm arrival was just cutting it too close. Good to know I should check the baggage belt at YVR regardless. Given what you said and my long layover now, I may not even bother telling AS just to be on the safe side.

Thank you!
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