Received AS miles and AA miles for same trip

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Received AS miles and AA miles for same trip

Last month I flew SAN-LAX and LAX-PEK and back on AA. I used my AS number on the entire itinerary. I since received my AS miles as expected for the LAX-PEK legs.

Since I don't get points on domestic AA flights, I then submitted to AA my ticket number to get points for the SAN-LAX legs. To my surprise, AA gave me mileage credit (EQM/EQD/miles) for all flights including for what I received on AS (LAX-PEK).

In the past, when I've done this (recently SAN-DFW and then DFW-MEX), I got the points for the domestic legs and was denied the international legs because another program (AS) claimed them. This is what I expected in that case.

Was this LAX-PEK credit a mistake?
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Originally Posted by lion2k3 View Post
Was this LAX-PEK credit a mistake?
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Originally Posted by tonei View Post
Why do you say that? It's explicitly stated AS still earns on AA international flights.
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all airlines screw up and forget to post miles all the time be glad this time they double posted.
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Yes. Itís a mistake. You donít get to double dip.
And if you donít fix it, thereís the possibility that theyíll eventually figure it out and revoke them. So Iíd want to avoid that.
I wish I had your problem; United still owes me thousands of miles from a Brussels Airlines flight I took years ago. They claim I never got on the plane. I asked them how I then made all my subsequent connections (for which I did receive miles). They stopped responding.

Anyway. You can always hope to get away with stuff like this, but watch out... things have a way of catching up. Especially once youíve posted them on the Internet.
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Originally Posted by Eurynom0s View Post
Why do you say that? It's explicitly stated AS still earns on AA international flights.
Perhaps you should go back and re-read the original post. Nobody is denying that AA international still posts to MP. In fact the OP said it did with his AS number attached. Since the domestic AA segments don't credit to AS, he submitted to AA for those segments. AA credited for the entire itinerary. So, no, the LAX-PEK-LAX segments should not have credited to "AA."

Errors do happen and sometimes it is to our benefit. I flew YVR-DFW-MIA-PTY return posting to MP. I received credit for both AA marketed, AA operated domestic segments to MP and received credit for the domestic segments to AAdvantage.

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Have an upcoming itinerary (please) which is a mix of AA and QF.
NYC --> LAX - AA
LAX --> AKL - AA
SYD --> LAX - QF
LAX --> NYC - AA
I want to receive mileage on the AA (International) and QF segments on AS MP.
Understand I won't receive it on the domestic segments.
Pull my AS MP number out of the PNR and apply respective AA and AS numbers on each segment with the GA in each city?
Apply my AS MP number and once the domestic segments are rejected by AS, submit to AA for credit?
Many thanks for any help/guidance.
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