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Question regarding AS/QX/OO for you "flight loggers"

Question regarding AS/QX/OO for you "flight loggers"

Old Aug 21, 19, 4:38 pm
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Question regarding AS/QX/OO for you "flight loggers"

I think this is on topic enough for the AS forum, but if its more of a "travel tools" topic, please forgive the intrusion

For those of you that use a flight logger/diary like flightmemory or my.Flightradar24. How do you go about documenting the carrier on AS flights operated by QX or OO?
I think some logging services even allow you to input the "operated by" value... but the logger I use does not. You just have to pick 1 "airline" for the flight.

There's no "right" or "wrong" way - I'm just curious to see what others do.

I personally only counted them as QX or OO previously when the confirmation emails actually said "Check-in with Horizon" or the flight on the email being documented as "Skywest 3449".

Once those lines faded away, and now everything as an ASXXXX flight number and is handled by AS front-line employees, I started tracking them all as the airline being AS. The dates were different for QX and OO when that happened.

But, I see some "purists" who still talk about the difference of QX vs. AS flight crews, service, etc.
To be true to the "airline" that is actually transporting us, do you separate them when documenting?
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Old Aug 21, 19, 5:06 pm
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I don't for QX/OO, or any of the other regionals that operate on behalf of other carriers such as Compass. The exception for me is codeshares from one major to another such as AA on a JL operated flight or AS on a DL. I might make a remark if there was something interesting to me about the flight such as my first QX E175.

I started my heavier flying after the CRJs went to OO, so until the E175 I could just sort by aircraft type and pretty much tell how many QX flights I had.
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Old Aug 21, 19, 5:50 pm
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I keep my own Excel spreadsheet, and don't distinguish for logging purposes; if I was curious to track each of the regional affiliates, I'd filter on "QX" or "SY" in the aircraft registration (and even then there are some unique ones -- Q400 N434MK and CR7 N216AG)
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Old Aug 21, 19, 6:06 pm
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I don't drill down to the actual metal of what I flew, cause it messes with the stats for the total miles traveled on the parent airline.
It is simple enough with Alaska to know that flight numbers:
1-999 is Alaska Boeing metal
1000-1999 is Alaska "VX" Airbus metal
2000-2999 is QX (there was a way to tell the difference between Q and E175, but that appears to have gotten thrown out about 6ish months into the E175)
3000-3999 is OO
7xxx is freight and so forth.

Or as others have said, the tail number would also solve the question.
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Old Aug 21, 19, 6:52 pm
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I log them all as Alaska, regardless if operated by Horizon or Skywest.
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Old Aug 21, 19, 9:57 pm
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I need to update my sheet.

I have a very difficult time keeping up with it.

But I log it based off parent company ie AS, or who the contractor is being paid by. Can't recall what I did for DUT, might not have logged that one
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