SEA:Cancun for Spring Break 2020

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SEA:Cancun for Spring Break 2020

Question for those who may have purchased this in previous years or have knowledge on how fast these tickets go. Parents have booked their timeshare for Spring break 2020 and I need to buy my tickets for my family of 4. Currently Prices are as follows:

$807 in Y
50K points in Economy
$80K points in First

Return 4/11/20
$815 in Y
50K points in Economy
80K points in First

I will hit MVP again next week and will hopefully make the run for GOLD by the end of the year. How long do I wait to buy? When would you buy? Right now full fare (Y) is the only option. I do have enough points for two tickets if that makes it easier. Hoping someone has some spring break ticket experience and can shed some light on the subject.
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I'd say screw it and book DL for $1,763 RT in F, and send a screen shot to AS Customer Care!
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Isnít Y fully refundable? If you have the funds, why not buy now and monitor the price?

To answer the actual question, Iíve bought this route and similar ones. Prices do fluctuate. Youíre booking very early, so expect to pay top dollar. If you wait, you can probably get a better deal. But donít expect rock-bottom fares. These are popular travel times and AS knows it. Last year SEA-SJD consistently hovered around Y/B/M, and prices were 2-2.5x normal. A few weeks in advance, it went down to Y1. A week before it was sold out. So definitely donít wait until the last minute.
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Considering that you are booking the most expensive possible day of the week (Saturday) to a popular spring break destination and that the fare is refundable, you have nothing to lose to book now and monitor the price. If you have a companion fare, use it as Iím sure most passengers on this flight will.

If you want to wait for the price to go down, you may have to wait until sometime in March if it happens at all. Alaska is likely to keep fares as high as possible as long as possible on this route.

If if you are able to book a different day of the week youíll have a better shot.

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It looks like on your dates Y is the only fare available. One day earlier on each end saves about 40%. It also appears very few seats are sold but AS must be very confident those flights will sell out.I would never pay that if there are other options and I am not sure waiting is going to make a difference on this particular flight.At this moment AA, UA and DL all have flights on those dates at about half the cost.
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Use two companion certs to bring down the fares.
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