Bulkhead armrest in reconfigured 737-900

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Bulkhead armrest in reconfigured 737-900

I've found some information about the reconfigured 737-900 but not specifically about whether or not the bulkhead (row 6) still has fixed armrests. I've noticed on my last couple flights that there is no longer a solid wall or curtain between first class and economy rows and I have a (possibly faulty) memory that I thought I saw regular armrests in that row. Can anyone veryfiy whether it's the fixed or regular armrests in row 6? I'm a fluffy kind of guy (both very tall and wide) and would prefer to sit back a row in order to have an extra inch of seat width and not have to deal with an airbag seatbelt.

Seatguru indicates the armrest is fixed but they also indicate there's a curtain between the rows (which there isn't anymore...it's just a flat panel). Since seatguru has this fact incorrect, I would just like confirmation about the armrest.

TIA for any information.
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Yes, row 6 in both the 737-800 and 900 have fixed arm rests.In this row only the tray tables are in the armrests.
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yep; the tradeoff for the additional legroom is the solid armrest and the reduced seat width

guessing OP is another of the "pikers on the Hill" ...
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