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dave1013 Dec 6, 17 10:33 am

Brie cheese raw material shortage in France ravages AS fruit & cheese plate
On 75 SEA-JNU a few days ago, I received a fruit and cheese plate devoid of the brie cheese wedge. Thinking that perhaps the menu had changed, I fired off an AlaskaListens message inquiring into the situation and received the following reply:

"Thank you for completing our survey regarding your flight. I sincerely apologize that your Signature Fruit and Cheese Platter was missing an essential item: brie cheese. The lack of raw materials in France is causing our provider of Brie for the Cheese Platter to fall behind in production. Extra slices of Tillamook and Beecher’s will be used to fill the gap."

Things must be awfully bad in France for there to be a brie cheese crisis. Anyone know anything about it?

missamo80 Dec 6, 17 11:03 am

If it means they switch to all Beecher's I'm cool with that. I wish they'd get rid of the Tillamook too.


AZ Travels the World Dec 6, 17 11:17 am

Love it
"Ravages" the cheese the plate. Oh, the horror! :eek:

91foxbody Dec 6, 17 11:21 am

Damn, the apple/brie/cracker is my favorite part :(

notquiteaff Dec 6, 17 11:43 am

Google search for "brie shortage france"

First result is this thread.

Second result is this news story: "France breathes sigh of relief as China reopens borders to pungent cheeses". So perhaps the reopening of the Chinese market is to blame for the shortage? ;)

rustykettel Dec 6, 17 12:13 pm

Surprised no one has connected the dots-- this is due to the impending demise of AF partnership! No more french cheese in the F&C plate. It's going to be replaced with a slice of Stilton but there's going to be a sliding fuel surcharge to cover the import costs. Sometimes it'll be a reasonable, other times it'll be a $90 entree.


notquiteaff Dec 6, 17 12:54 pm

Originally Posted by rustykettel (Post 29141717)
It's going to be replaced with a slice of Stilton


johnp012001 Dec 6, 17 1:38 pm

My flight Sunday had 2 slices of Beacher's, 2 slices of Tillamook and a wedge of Muenster. Thought it strange at the time but now I understand why.

CDKing Dec 6, 17 1:46 pm

I wish it was all Beecher's cheddar

TA Dec 6, 17 1:50 pm

You should be glad it has not descended into this horror: Wow. United's cheese and crackers in EconPlus is AWFUL!

missamo80 Dec 6, 17 3:05 pm

Originally Posted by CDKing (Post 29142227)
I wish it was all Beecher's cheddar

Honestly they should just get rid of the fruit and crackers too. A giant chunk of Beecher's would do fine.


acarney Dec 6, 17 3:08 pm

While Beecher's is fantastic (why not offer a non-meat meal and use Beecher's Mac and Cheese & fresh fruit?!) the combination of cheese and fruit make both better then they are on their own! I'm fine with Brie being ditched (though I do like a good Brie from time to time) but I still like a combination of cheese and the fruit and crackers :)

Ruthalaska Dec 6, 17 3:41 pm

Bummer! The Brie is my favorite from the fruit & cheese plate.

lalala Dec 6, 17 4:43 pm

TWO times out of BWI I've paid for the Cheese plate to find that Beechers has been subbed out for Monterey Jack. I KID YOU NOT.

Things are going downhill fast.

swingaling Dec 6, 17 4:59 pm

There's a pretty serious butter shortage in France as well.

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