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VeryHumerus Nov 15, 17 10:35 am

Issue Resolved: Issues seeing JAL redemptions on Alaska Search?
Im looking for NRT-US award search availability on Alaska and I cant find anything at all. Looked at NRT-other airport searches as well and it looks like JAL's inventory is not searchable on Alaska. Can anyone else confirm?

CDKing Nov 15, 17 10:48 am

JL is switching reservation systems

Here is the thread from the JL section

Down to 3PM pacific

CDKing Nov 15, 17 7:43 pm

JAL awards are back up now. I was hoping F floodgates would open like when SQ did their reservation system change a few years ago but no luck.

Drcool Nov 16, 17 10:20 pm

JAL award problem
After JAL change their system to amadeus. I can not see award intra asia on next 6 months. Any one eles?

skimthetrees Nov 17, 17 2:27 am

It was gone during the transition yesterday but it is back now.

cyborg Nov 17, 17 2:33 am


Drcool Nov 17, 17 3:03 am

Originally Posted by cyborg (Post 29070360)
I can confirm some of this and seeing no NRT or HND to BKK for February 2018 and only 2 days where NRT or HND connecting in NGO to BKK are available. The nonstop routes were available every day from at least one Tokyo airport in February before the change. I wonder if anyone on the JAL or other OW forum has seen any problems with their website for showing intra asia awards.



same as BA too. BA can not seen any award from JAL

CDKing Nov 17, 17 10:00 am

I know i saw a ton when it went back up, yesterday looked like less. Right now i see space on all 3x daily flights PEK-NRT/HND.

cyborg Nov 17, 17 4:57 pm


CDKing Nov 17, 17 7:05 pm

Yep there looks to be an anomaly. I see the non stop NRT-BKK but only as part of a connecting reservation.

NRT-BKK is only showing the NGO connection

Drcool Nov 18, 17 6:11 am

Do anyone think the intra asia route come back soon? I plan to travel on febuary . Now I see ton of award after may.

cyborg Nov 18, 17 7:08 am


eponymous_coward Nov 18, 17 8:05 am

JL 717 is only showing PE as available that week if you search on BA. 707 doesn't show AT ALL. Since AS doesn't support JL PE...

Originally Posted by CDKing (Post 29073124)
Yep there looks to be an anomaly. I see the non stop NRT-BKK but only as part of a connecting reservation.

NRT-BKK is only showing the NGO connection

Originally Posted by cyborg (Post 29074187)
I would keep checking on a daily basis, but also call AS and ask them to contact JAL to explain the situation (flights available through AS before the switch are gone). Perhaps someone can wake up the IT folks to fix the problem.

You're new here, aren't you? EK awards have been showing phantom inventory for a long time due to bogus data from EK, as far as I can tell EK's response to AS is "pound sand".

cyborg Nov 18, 17 5:57 pm


eponymous_coward Nov 18, 17 6:31 pm

It’s not just AS (see: BA, the same inventory is not showing correctly there either) and historically AS hasn’t been able to get partners to fix a damn thing, which is my point. There have been longstanding problems with partner award inventory (not just EK, that is one example) that don’t get fixed because they are not under AS’s control and partners don’t care because partner availability is low priority. Really. It’s why we don’t have JL PE on AS awards (we did and then it broke, even though we have BA/QF/CX PE). You are better off agitating on the JL board since this problem shows up on JL’s system, no? It should affect their own elites.

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