Is Y Food Better than F Food?

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Originally Posted by eponymous_coward View Post
They can tell who is in F and who is in Y by looking at who is sitting in the 2x2 seats and the 3x3 seats...
And here all this time I had no idea QX is an all F fleet!

Hawaii flights definitely have superior offerings in F.
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Pre-ordered the cheese plate in Y, and after being upgraded they still had it on my PNR and brought it to me upfront. The F food was decent though, I ate a little of my wife's brisket thing and other than needing some spicy kick to it, I liked it. And I guess the tortillas were a bit hard, but that's a lot harder for them to fix other than going with corn tortillas.

The La Marca prosecco in coach is better than the California champagne in first.
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I'm really loving, on the whole, my move to AS, but the F food that I've had has been really not-good and often too mushroom infested and the portions incredibly tiny. I keep hoping for another flight where the cheeseburger is again being served. That's probably the best meal I've had on AS ever When in F, I'll listen to what's offered but most of the time now I ask for a fruit-and-cheese plate; am 50/50 on whether I'm asked to pay for it (and when I am, I always send an email gripe).

Never thought about asking for two of them, although that's a capital idea!
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Originally Posted by cblaisd View Post
too mushroom infested
If you should ever suffer from a mushroom infestation on a flight between NYC and SEA, I will get it sorted out for you. No charge.
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Originally Posted by pcoll View Post
To answer original question posed....
+1 (except for long-hauls )
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Originally Posted by beckoa View Post

Then again, I am not enamored by the cheese plate either.
Until he found out that the fruit and cheese plate was sourced from Sam's Club it was his favorite "snack" on the plane
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