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Old Jun 20, 16, 12:19 am
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Arrow Definitive AS Hot Towel Thread

Yes we have threads on many things on FT. Why not hot towels?

This is one of the more recent service enhancements that's stuck around. However there are still the questions- what time will it be presented? How will the temperature be? Is it on my flight?

They seem to appear irregularly, sometimes on redeyes, often ANC-SEA-ANC yet can be oddly missing.

The towels occasionally have a musty odor. I've been told when this happens, some FA's choose not to offer them (they can stink). Not sure how they get like that.

Also for the temperature... I always thought they were heated in the oven. But recently I saw a FA pouring hot water on them.

Some carriers also have cold towels- this would be a nice option for departures from hot/humid climates.

As for timing- seems to be irregular- sometimes before the meal, and occasionally after or just before arrival. Not sure I have a preference.

Other thoughts?
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Old Jun 20, 16, 8:38 am
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My recent Boston redeye featured hot towels before landing. FA warned us they were hot, and she wasn't kidding!
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Not only do they routinely smell bad, but the cloth is so cheap that it leaves fibers all over my hands. The first time I got one I used it on my face and my freshly-shaved face grabbed so much lint I looked like a young(er) Santa Clause.

No more towels for me.
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Old Jun 20, 16, 10:19 am
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I never use it on my face, and I don't understand why anyone would need to unless you ate a rack of ribs in the airport (or if you are homeless and need a shower).
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Old Jun 20, 16, 11:09 am
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This is exactly why I love FlyerTalk. Beckoa, you are my hero.

I hate them and always say no. They're stinky.

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If they pass them out just before the meal as they sometimes do I use them on my hands and forearms. It feels good.
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6/13/16 - AS #86 ANC-SEA - Hot moist towels passed after drink orders were taken, before other service commenced.

6/17/16 - AS #99 SEA-ANC - Tepid, slightly damp towels passed after reaching cruising altititue.
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We were offered the hot towel as we returned to SEA from LIH toward the end of our flight on 4/27.
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Anyone know for certain if the towels are laundered/reused or disposable?
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Originally Posted by RogerMurdock View Post
Anyone know for certain if the towels are laundered/reused or disposable?
I'm pretty sure they're disposable. I can't imagine they would survive a washing.
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HERE is a bit of info. on the Oshibori Towel.

Unfortunately, a fair percentage of Alaska's FA's have a hard time presenting these towels correctly, i.e. damp and heated as opposed to almost dry and hardly damp.

I wonder if anyone has actually trained the FA's on how to do this. Based upon some of the towels I have received, I can't help but wonder if some of those FA's even care? If it can't be done right - or perhaps more correctly if a significant percentage of the workforce can't be bothered to do it correctly - it's better that it not to be done at all.

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I always welcome the effort put forth to provide towel service.
Would prefer before meal however, before landing is also refreshing.
They are dry cello packed, hot water from galley is slowly poured over each one.
Most FA seem to make the effort to provide this service. As with life, there are some that are just not having a good day and could care less.
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Originally Posted by lg20 View Post
I'm pretty sure they're disposable. I can't imagine they would survive a washing.
That's what I thought, but I can't figure out why else they stink like mildew...

Who am I to refuse a tray and armrest wipe.
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Old Jun 20, 16, 4:12 pm
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This would probably be a good topic for AS Flyer to weigh in on. For me, I really don't care that much when the towel is offered...although if I've been on a longish (over 3 hour flight), it is nice to have it just before arrival to freshen up and yes, I'm one of those that likes to use it to wash off my face not because I just ate a rack of ribs, but just to wipe off the oil that naturally builds up throughout a day of really is refreshing.
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I am a big fan of hot towels and I'm glad they are offered. I don't fly AS much any more, but most of my F segments in the past year have had them. That said, the ones on AS are often not as hot as the ones I've had on LH and some other carriers. But, I do like to clean my hands before eating and so I'm very happy when they are offered before the meal service.

In short, I prefer "tepid towels" to no towels.
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