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As an additional resource for these cards see the threads here: Current Alaska Airlines Card Offers. Previous 2012-2016 Alaska Airlines Card Offers.

If you are applying for a personal AS card, and are not an expert on applying for A/S cards STOP, don't apply yet. Instead read post #3688 in the other AS thread linked above. Believe me, doing that first may save you a huge amount of wasted time and frustration.

Link to enhanced AS card that waives $99 fee for Companion Fare (only pay taxes & fees): 30K miles and $99 CF fee waived

$100 stmt. credit link for 30K card & $22 CF pass: Now active, as of 7/19/17

Business card offer of 30K miles

Can you book Cathay flights using AS miles? Probably NOT:
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But with the recon you'll still earn the 25K+25K?
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Originally Posted by SFore View Post
Just received this offer for 50K this morning in my inbox. Tempted to go back to this card (used to have it) since my Chase Preferred Safire is going to be much less valuable with the UA downgrade.
Originally Posted by khl3657 View Post
I also received the 50,000 bonus offer this morning. That's a nice bonus, and the $75 annual fee is reasonable if you factor in the $99 companion voucher every year. I assume that is valid for HI too?

Anyway, I applied the Sapphire Preferred in May 2013. It's a great card, but like you said, with the UA downgrade, it's definitely worth less now. Not to mention UA keeps pulling flights out of SEA. SEA-NRT is the latest route that was dropped. Oh well, I'll apply and cancel either than Sapphire Preferred or the Alaska Visa.
50K bonus points is a good offer, no doubt. Finally bringing this card to a competitive level for the first time in a long while.

However, for daily spend, I still don't think this card compares to the Chase Sapphire preferred. First of all, Chase has numerous transfer partners - so you can get miles and points into the programs where you need them to save real money now... Second, CSP has some nice bonus categories, iirc. The AS visa earns 3 points/$ on AS purchases, and an occasional bonus/promotional offer for a limited time and a capped # of miles.

1 mile/$ spent is simply blown out of the water elsewhere in the industry.

If you go for this card, go for the 50K bonus, use it for AS purchases, and keep it around for the companion cert assuming you have need for it annually. But IMO store it in your sock drawer...there are so much better cards out there to use for your daily spending.
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I just opened my Alaska Airlines card in mid November for the 30k offer and figured I can try calling BofA to ask for a bump to the 50k offer. They clearly had no idea how to handle what I was asking and told me I need to call Alaska Airlines Customer Service since they handle all the points....
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same position here... I too applied a month back and was approved for 30K
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Does anyone know if they waive the baggage fee with Alaska Card? I booked my flights using Ba miles already but hoping to avoid some baggage fees next month when i fly to Maui. also, which credit buerau do they pull?
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Originally Posted by hqly2001 View Post
Does anyone know if they waive the baggage fee with Alaska Card? I booked my flights using Ba miles already but hoping to avoid some baggage fees next month when i fly to Maui. also, which credit buerau do they pull?
The AS Visa does not include any benefit for free bags. You can find more information on baggage charges and the different waivers here:
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Cool BofA 50k Alaska Visa Signature App Success

Just applied with the link courtesy of "View from the Wing". Was instantly approved with a $10k limit in addition to the $20k limit I have on my other BofA card. Fingers crossed that the 50k comes through after I put $1k in charges on it...I'll post again once that happens...

Thanks for the link!!!

Originally Posted by italdesign View Post
Applied for the 50K offer thanks to link from View From The Wing. Approved after reconsideration. Note, for this offer you need the Signature card which requires minimum $5000 CL. If you get a lesser Visa product, you will only receive a tiny fraction of the bonus points.

Recon agent only saw 25K offer. This also happened on the VS card with BOA. Seems their agents don't see the actual offer associated with the account. Even via SM, they only see the 25K and need more research to confirm the additional bonus (on the VS card). Anyone else have this issues with BOA?

Only time I've experienced this with the more prominent banks is the recent Chase BA 100K offer. Everyone who applied via the 100K link seems to only get the 50K offer, but of course Chase made adjustments upon SM. Hopefully BOA will do the same (my first card with them).
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has anyone had luck getting the annual fee waived?
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I got the "we need more time to review" message. Does anyone have the reconsideration line phone number for this card or have any advice on how to pursue this?
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pro and cons

The best thing about this card is the $99 companion ticket. Unlike Delta and some others they don't restrict where you use this. I use it yearly to go to Mexico. This yr this saved about $350 so yes its worth it. Alaska miles have always been easy to redeem and actually use.

The biggest negatives is B of A. This card still charges a 3% foreign transaction fee which is huge negative as I work in Canada a lot. The other cons are there is no 'free' bag or pre boarding option like some other airline cards. I still use the card but not as much as my Capital one due to the no foreign transaction fee.
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I buy a companion ticket annually to Hawaii. Other than that I really don't use the card.

I've gone from about $5K/month for business expenses to $1K per year.
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Originally Posted by kdinino View Post
I got the "we need more time to review" message. Does anyone have the reconsideration line phone number for this card or have any advice on how to pursue this?
866-865-7839 from this thread:

Bank of America Reconsideration? []

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I just was automatically approved for my 3rd AS Visa while still holding the first two.
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I’d like to apply for this but I don't know the value of the 50k miles. What can 50k alaska miles get me? domestic round trip anywhere? how do I use alaska miles and on which airlines? one way or round trip europe or asia? Thanks
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Does anyone have experience with the 'should not have applied for this product in the last 12 months' clause from previous go arounds? Is it stripctly adhered to? I had applied for this card about 10 months back and then cancelled it after keeping it for about 7 months. Can I reapply for the 50K offer and be hopeful? Any suggestions?
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