Bonus miles for delayed flights?

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Bonus miles for delayed flights?

Do you think this is something Alaska should explore for MVPs and Golds?

I missed a business meeting last week due to a mechanical delay that resulted in a changed aircraft. I would feel better if AS kicked in mileage to its frequent flyers due to nonweather related delays.
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How long was the delay? I got $300 in AS funny money for a forced overnight in LAS last year(mechanical issues). I think I came out better than when I had a similar delay on AA a year prior (15,000 miles).

I am not sure trivial matters deserve compensation: aka UA throwing $250 SkyKits at people because their reading lamp was broken.
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When we were 45(!) minutes late last week on a PDX-RDM flight, a passenger approached the podium, asked for, and received compensation in the form of a discount on future travel just because she was irritated (I know - I heard the whole conversation). Personally, I though this was overkill, but Horizon gave it to her. I didn't ask, nor would I in this case (I prefer to choose my battles more carefully, like when I need to get to the East Coast THAT DAY and irrops force me to miss a connection).

I guess what I'm saying is, if you feel like you are inconvenienced, talk to customer care. You may be pleased with the result. But I wouldn't go to the well too often.

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hmm I thought something like this was already in place. ANC-PDX boarded ready to comes a mechanic...never a good thing to see We sit there 30 minutes while its debated whether the item in discussion is essential to fly. The crew says no not even remotely. Eventually OPs tells them to fix it before flying(understandable AS wants to cover their butts even if its not essential) and they decide it would take longer to fix than it would to shuffle everybody to one of the empty A/C that sits overnight in ANC. Of course everything regarding commercial air travel moves at snails pace until you are in the air and we are obviously about 2 hours late by this point. I was kind of dissappointed that I had to change from ANC-PDX-SEA-ORD to ANC-PDX-ORD and lose a segment and 500 eqms I had purposely booked but wasnt mad or anything because I needed to be at point B at a specific time. The thing is when we boarded and the gold and mvp's BPs were scanned the scanner made a weird chirp(same chirp when being downgraded for an A/C swap) and the GA handed a card to them, myself included. It was a card to mail in for 1000 MP miles (of course not EQM) but in any case I thought it was a nice gesture and wasnt expecting anything. I had a plan B already in my head because I knew the turn at PDX to get to SEA in time was pretty tight with no margin for an extended delay.
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Had a 4-hour Mx delay in HNL a couple months ago, and they handed out compensation cards for 1000 miles.

The Contract of Carriage actually specifies compensation of 2000 MP miles if your delay is 2 hours or more (applies to tickets purchased on or after 09 Jul 2010; prior to that compensation is only 1000 MP miles).

If your flight is delayed two hours or more, one of our airport Customer Service Agents will provide you with an Apology Brochure from the employees of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, which includes 2,000 Mileage Plan Bonus Miles to be deposited into your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan account.
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I once got 4000 miles for something pretty dramatic.

SEA-BLI 11pm Q400 departure: flaps not working on approach to BLI, circled for 30 min before diverting back to SEA for a longer runway. Captain declared emergency landing (with many fire trucks waiting for us in SEA) and then subsequently an aircraft swap. I didn't get home till 4am that night!
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