Pets on Alaska -- experiences?

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Pets on Alaska -- experiences?

Does anyone have any experience transporting a dog on Alaska Airlines in the cargo hold? The flight would be a short one (SFO-PDX), and I would be flying on the same flight. Given that the temps in SFO and PDX should be fairly moderate, and the flight is short, I think it should be fine -- I'm just wondering if there is anything I should be aware of when it comes to transporting a dog on Alaska.

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I have had good luck.

Our dog has flown a couple of times from the Lower 48 to Alaska without incident.

Each time it seems like the dog gets better treatment than us pax! I've watched the dog be carried on a cart by itself, given water, etc.

Alaska also has a program where each time your animal is put on each individual flight, they bring you a tag for your particular flight. It sure sets the mind at easy knowing your animal is on board.

Realize that if it's around the holidays (November/December) that Horizon will not transport your dog at all, period, end of discussion. So watch your SFO-PDX flight if it's operated by Horizon (I think all currently are) and happens to be around the holidays.

And they have too-warm cutoff temperatures as well in the summer where they'll refuse animals, for good reason.

I know there are horror stories out there about flying with pets, but I've had good luck.
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I've traveled with a dog on Alaska Airlines many times, never had a problem. Dont forget the manadtory vet visit before the flight.
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this just came out a couple days ago....
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My father and my brothers hunt in various parts of the US and they always bring their dogs and they always use Alaska when they travel with the boys.

I mean seriously, this is the airline that ships the Iditarod dogs around!!! You bet they know what they are doing!
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AS does very well with pets.

DL, on the other hand, managed to lose a former pet of mine and leave it in Atlanta for a night and not bother to notify me until said pet didn't show up at baggage on arrival.

Just sayin'.
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