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MPG on Alaska flights booked through Delta (as a codeshare)

MPG on Alaska flights booked through Delta (as a codeshare)

Old Mar 10, 10, 4:41 pm
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MPG on Alaska flights booked through Delta (as a codeshare)

I have encountered a rather fustrating problem with the Alaska/Delta (was an issue with NWA as well) codesharing agreement. I am MVPG (will be G75 this year now that they finally have it!) and I travel to Asia a lot on NWA/Delta. When flying home from NRT I can spend the entire day in meetings and then catch Delta/NWA's 9pm departer to HNL, layover there for 5 hours ,then on to Seattle arriving that night (10pm).. you actually arrive about the same day/time you depart (tongiht i leave NRT at 9pm on Thursday and i will arrive back in Seattle 10 pm Thursday.

Okay.. so here's the situation. My ticket is a full fare/refundable business class ticket that was originally booked NRT-SEA direct. I changed to NRT-HNL-SEA with no fee/etc... but i was told the HNL-SEA leg has no first class avail so they had to book me in coach (again.. i purchased 1st.. so MVPG doesn't even factor in here.) Anyway.. i called AS and they said there were seats in first available so call Delta. Delta says they can't access to seats. fine. I ask Alaska to upgrade me per my MVPG status... they can't because my tickets are on Delta/NWA.. so technically i am not even recognized by Alaska as one of their own MVPG! How lame is that? so if you book a ticket via NWA and part of the trip is an AS codeshare then you basically have no status on that leg.. not even the partner elite status DL/NW normally give MVPGs. My travel assistant informed me today that she called DL and they couldn't help... the only answer was to purchase a 1 way 1st class ticket on the HNL-SEA flight (which i have already technically paid for!) One trip i flew this route in coach... DL couldn't upgrade me on the HNL-SEA leg because it wasn't their plane.. AS couldn't upgrade me because i wasn't their customer (I was on the "DL" flight.. not the AS flight.

So to summarize:
  • MVPG flys on AS metal booked as AS flight = all the MVPG goodness
  • MVPG flys on Delta metal booked as DL flight = Partner MVPG status (upgrades, good seats, etc.)
  • MVPG flys on AS metal booked via DL as a codeshare = no status, no upgrades, no good seats, nothing. DL can't help you and neither can AS

Okay.. I know this is a rare situation but it's kind of lame to have paid for a bus/1st class ticket and not be able to sit in first class when there is a seat available.. then try to get that 1st class seat via my MVPG status and again be told they can't give it to me. If i am on AS metal i think i should be treated like MVPG regardless if my itenerary says "DL2363 - OPERATED BY ALASKA"

Anyway... happy flying. you can find me in coach
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Old Mar 10, 10, 4:59 pm
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Originally Posted by gregtay View Post
  • MVPG flys on Delta metal booked as DL flight = Partner MVPG status (upgrades, good seats, etc.)
umm... we don't have reciprocal upgrades with DL at this time.

It sounds like you need to call Delta back and find out why they can't see available F seats.
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Old Mar 10, 10, 5:29 pm
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Even when F doesn't factor into, it, DL should still be able to give you the preferred seating (in the front part of the Y cabin, exit rows, bulkheads, etc.). This went away for awhile after DL bought NW (systems issues), but I'm pretty sure it's returned by now (and if it hasn't, it will soon).

AS's policy on upgrades on codeshare/partner-booked flights is rather maddening, and I do wish they would look at revising this. (And missy, while us FT oldtimers can be a whiny bunch , a new FTer like this is uncorrupted and is a sign that there may be tons of other customers out there equally as frustrated about this policy that just haven't given voice to their frustrations yet. Perhaps AS would do well to investigate this policy.)

All that said, missy is right--if AS has F seats for sale, DL should not be able to sell you one. (Codeshare partners sometimes see limited/different availability for various fare buckets, but when it comes to full fares (full Y, F, etc.), there should not be any limitation.) If need be, call the MVPG line and ask if they can talk to DL on your behalf or stay on the line while you conference them in with DL or something. I've heard of them being willing to do things like this before.

gregtay, welcome to FlyerTalk!
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At the end of the day, AS cannot really do much about the codeshare situation for their elites. It is actually a reservations system limitation and, as long as AS codeshares with the world , it is going to be an issue. Without rehashing to intricate details of the reservations systems, there is very little that the operating carrier can do to the reservation until 24 hours before departure.

You have to remember that reservations systems were designed years ago to work 24/7. In general, they do very well for what they were originally designed to do. On the other hand, upgrades are a relatively recent development.
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Originally Posted by missydarlin View Post
umm... we don't have reciprocal upgrades with DL at this time.

It sounds like you need to call Delta back and find out why they can't see available F seats.
Opps... right.. forgot.. i thought that was back after the merger.

Thanks all for your comments. I have been Alaska MVPG for about 10 years a few of those years i also achieved United Plat.... so i do understand the system and the limitations of the situation i am in. In the system i am on a DL flight.. so AS can't really touch the reservation. Delta could not (or at least they never have) been able to give me prefered seats on Alaska metal flights booked under a DL codeshare flight. Basically Delta recognizes my status for DL/NW flights.. but no help on the AS flights. A call to the MVPG line fixes this and they look up my flight and move me to a Gold seat in coach.. but can't upgrade me even with space allows... which just seems silly (Again.. i understand the details of the ticketing system and why this isn't easy... but once they verify i am Gold you would think they could just override everything and give me a 1st class seat.

One other comment on this... because i am flying a a DL itenerary that includes a AS codeshare the flights don't seem to get posted to my Alaska account automatically.. again.. it's the system. In the past i have had to go up to the AS website and request credit for the AS portion of the trip (the DL/NW flight shows up automatically.. but not the AS leg. I had the same thing happen last week. I flew on DL from SEA-AMS-BCN and MUC-AMS-SEA... but for some reason when my travel assistant booked the flights they were booked through KLM on DL codeshare flights. Everything was DL/NW metal except the AMS-BCN and MUC-AMS flights which were KLM. KLM automatically reported the KLM metal flights to AS for milage credit... but to get the credit for the DL flights i have to send in the info to AS... reason?.. because KLM doesn't typically report milage for codeshare flights to a 3rd party milage partner (they only report miles on their metal.. and at the same time DL/NW aren't going to report anything because I flew them on KLM ticketstock.. so they leave that up to KLM. Kind of a pain.. but not a huge deal... just the way the system works and at least i understand the limitations. Here is another example... You can book an AA ticket from LAX-NRT-SIN. The NRT-SIN flight is via a JAL codeshare flight (JAL metal.) AA isn't going to report those miles to Alaska. and they shouldn't... even through i am on an AA ticket i don't get credit for the JAL flight on my Alaska account... becuase JAL and AS don't have a partnership. Its just one of those things you have to becareful of. I try to fly the longest legs (international legs) of my flights on non-codeshare flights (if the longest flight is on DL then I book a DL flight number.)

Anyway.. again.. not a big deal.. i one of of the happiest ASMVPG's around.. i just love AS and look forward to every flight... and dispite the changes over the years i still love everything about AS. Okay.. you could bring back the original snack pack with the peanut butter and vitC pack.. the new anytime pack is just lame.

Cheers all.... a few more meetings in Tokyo then off to NRT in a few hours... for another day in the air... and even though NW World Biz Class is really nice.. it's isn't home.. but when i get on the AS flight in HNL and sink into my coach seat with the freindly AS crew... well thats when i know i am almost home.
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Old Mar 11, 10, 3:28 am
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Well... just to prove how much the two systems don't talk to each other... I checked in for my flight at NRT a few hours ago and they hand me a boarding pass for the AS flight (HNL-SEA) and it says seat 11A. Hmmmmm... 60 min ago i was on the phone with the MVPG desk and moved my seat from 15E to 15C. DL agent says she doesn't know why i am in 11A.. but moved me to 23C.. the only aisle she had access to.. and she said no exit row seats were available. I walk away and call the Alaska MPVG desk.. they state that my reservation in their system still states i am in 15C.. and they have no idea why DL can't see that. I am sure at some point in the next few hours the DL computer will over ride my AS seat assignment and put me in 23C giving up the seat AS assigned me. Oh well.. at least i have a seat... i will be home soon.
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If I were you I would go straight to the AS ticket counter immediately upon arrival in HNL and see if an upgrade is possible. I believe they can put you ahead of all MVPGs/MVPs that are currently on the waitlist, because you technically already paid for the F seat. You might get lucky, because commonly F passengers would cancel at the very last minute or just not show up. When flying on AS on a codeshare ticket stock, the only people that can upgrade you from the AS side are the GAs.

Right now, F is full for both HNL-SEA flights, but a seat might open up in F, because F passengers can cancel anytime or just simply not show up.

My understanding is, this issue is entirely Delta's and their system's "head" is not screwed on right [never has been ]. Perhaps you can file a complaint here: http://www.delta.com/emailus/servlet/EmailUs?cmd=go

Nevertheless, have a great flight and hopefully you will get lucky and squeak into F
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Different problem, same complaint

I just checked into a Delta itinerary codeshared with Alaska. Similar situation in that the check-in screen says one seat and the boarding pass says another. I called Delta and was told that I should sit in the seat that's listed on my screen, not on my boarding pass. "Because it's a codeshare flight."

Why do I get the feeling somebody else has a boarding pass with the seat that I was told to sit in? Strange how Delta can't get their systems to align with Alaska's.

Guess I'll check with the Alaska counter when I get to MSP for my connection.
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Just talk with the AS counter and they should be able to figure something out. I know I'm going to have the same problem this week on an AS-purchased EV/DL/QX itenerary because Delta lists different seat assignments than AS.
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