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cl_ Jan 16, 06 12:36 am

Odd Airtran Credits
As usual, I am having trouble obtaining the credits I am due (Standard flight credits; Am Ex bonus; Business upgrade bonus, etc). However, last week some odd things showed up on my statement. I am trying to figure out what this is all about:

One entry of 0.5 points for " Booking Bonus" Is there a secret opportunity to obtain more points for booking on the web? This one is associated with a particular flight.

One entry of 4 points for "Amex APlus Bonus." This one has no flight or itinerary associated with it

What is going on here? Are these special bonuses I missed, or did someone at FL audit my account and just add points to get the balance up to where it should be? Did anyone else get these?

tj41 Jan 16, 06 8:43 am

Odd Credits and Website Oddities
Funny you should mention that, I just noticed a lot unusual things about my account yesterday, as well.

The booking bonus- what is the date of the flight that is associated with? There hasn't been an official bonus since Q404, but even then it was double point bonus.

I too am showing the AMEX APlus bonus of 4 points (dated 1/14/06.) I think that might be related to my Juniper AirTran Visa (I just got the card); I am awaiting an explanation. (If it is, it is discrepant, because the offer was for 6 points on the first use.) Do you have the Visa?

Here's where mine get's really funky...

First of all, I would advise everyone to audit the calculation of their Available Credits, I have just found, for the second time that posted credits have not increased my balance. The first time I noticed this is was easily corrected with an email inquiry. I haven't bothered mentioning this in a new thread (or updating the original) because it always seems to turn into a discussion of credits just not posting.

On my Vouchers listing, 2 old (used) upgrade vouchers from Sept 04 were replaced with 2 new ones dated 1/10/06, and 2 new Coach Vouchers have just appeared. Don't know yet if either will be considered used or not. I'm almost afraid to ask, rather I might just try to use them and see. Neither of these seem to have affected my credit balance, nor do they show on the Redemptions list.

On the Earnings history, there is a credit dated 11/29/05 that is showing as expired- but only when "All" earnings are viewed. When "Available" credits are shown, it's available.

I feel like that one is possibly related to a number of little glitches in the design of the new website, though. Some examples of these that I, at least, am experiencing:

When I first view my reward history, I have to click on "posting date" twice to get it to sort by date descending. The first time I click it, it simply scrolls the page down a bit and remains ascending. Lately, however, on the first click, it shows one new half-credit SPLIT posting dated immediatley prior to the original first available credit post.

The "First, Previous, Next, and Last" buttons function inconsistently, depending on how the view is sorted.

I haven't seen this lately, but used to, if my account had timed out, on the page where it gives you the link to log back in to either A+, Corp, or Agent, I would have to click on A+ at least twice before it would actually give me the log in page.

If anyone from AirTran's web development is listening, the new website's pretty and all, but for chrissake, fix it to have at least half the functionality of the old one already. And don't touch those extra vouchers in my account. Kthanks.

cl_ Jan 16, 06 10:24 pm

Based on your post, I went ahead and added up my total credits. They are two short.

Then I decided to redeem my first flight. After the 16 point voucher redemption, it showed a balance of two points less than I should have (ie as if 18 were taken for the voucher), so now I'm 4 short.

Then I refreshed and two of the missing four came back. Very weird. And rather ridiculous that their website cannot do simple addition!

Still trying to figure out the web bonus and Amex Bonus. I do not have the Amex Card to which you refer - mine is a Costco Amex (for the 2% cash back on my weekly travel ^ ). Still got the point. Let us know if you figure it out.

tj41 Jan 18, 06 10:50 am

To AirTran:

COMMENTS The following item has posted to my A+ Rewards account 1/10/2006 AMEX Aplus Bonus AMEX Aplus Bonus Available 4.0
What exactly is this reward from? I'm not aware of any American Express
Bonus outside of the standard offer on YBM...

In response to your e-mail, we do have a new promotion that allows passengers to convert their American Express points to A-Plus credits via the American Express website. If you have any further questions pelase contact us at
The guy evidently doesn't know what he's talking about. I have the Amex Blue with Membership Rewards, but I haven't selected AirTran, nor have I really earned that many points, let alone transfer them to AirTran.

But oh well, I'm not gonna ask him a second time to take the points back.

Edit to add: I couldn't take it, I at least had to see where he would say I could find more info:

In response to your e-mail, here is the link that you requested. If you have any further questions please contact us at

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