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El Perro May 25, 05 10:12 am

How tight are AirTran's coach seats on the 717?
flying AirTran for the first time this Saturday.

According to seatguru their seat pitch is 30" in coach on the 717. I have always felt 31" was too tight and borderline illegal, so I'm wary of 30" seat pitch. Don't get me started about charter airlines and their 28" pitch.

So how bad is it? How does it compare to an MD80/83/88 coach seat on American or Delta?

seatguru also says the seats are a bit wider than comparable AA or DL aircraft so I'm wondering if that's true as well.

DENPremEx May 25, 05 11:55 am

The seating is VERY TIGHT! Seatguru is usually always right with their information. I only sat in a coach seat for about 30 seconds to try it out and see how tight it was before I moved back to my business class seat. Whenever I fly AirTran (not often) I always upgrade, it cheap and its worth it.

El Perro May 25, 05 12:26 pm

how much is it to upgrade?

ah nevermind. found it on

MFLetou May 25, 05 3:26 pm

Its bad. I avoid BWI and fly Indepedence out of IAD or US out of DCA anyway, but even if I didn't I've been leery of flying AirTran after being stuck for 30 minutes on a taxiway in one of those things. The seats are extremely uncomfortable...thin, flimsy and terrible leg room.

wahooflyer May 25, 05 4:07 pm

I'm 6'2" and can tolerate an AirTran aisle seat...but only for flights two hours or shorter. I don't think I could handle an AirTran window or middle seat on a full flight, which is why I always check in online when on a cheap fare (for an advance seat assignment).

El Perro May 25, 05 8:11 pm

I'm going ATL-IAD, so it's not that long. I've flown 14 hours in coach on Qantas so this isn't a big deal. Can't beat the price either - $29 each way. :D

However if the quality is crap then I won't fly them again. ;)

FL_f/a May 25, 05 11:38 pm

Originally Posted by El Perro
flying AirTran for the first time this Saturday.

What flight?

El Perro May 26, 05 9:27 am

Originally Posted by FL_f/a
What flight?

64 going ATL-IAD.

MuAT May 28, 05 8:57 pm

Originally Posted by El Perro
64 going ATL-IAD.

Aside from the obvious choice of Delta, a really neat flight would be Independence Air ( i like trying out all different airlines it's fun to see how many you can rack up!

wahooflyer May 28, 05 9:28 pm

There are a lot of airlines flying nonstop from DC to Atlanta. :)

From IAD:
Independence Air
United Express (yuck)

From DCA:
US Airways

I'm currently in Atlanta and my recent roundtrip from IAD to ATL on Delta was only $138 all-in. I'm sure AirTran offers the same fare, if not lower!

El Perro May 29, 05 7:37 pm

Well, I'm back. The seats ARE tight, but not unmanageable. They are wider than most coach seats (18") but i don't have a fat butt so I didn't really notice. ;)

Seriously, I was disappointed I had aircraft on both routes that didn't have XM radio. I think that will really make a difference in the travel experience. I was disappointed I didn't get to use my Bose headphones on either flight. :(

I want to fly AirTran again when I know the XM radio is completely rolled out. I think that would be fun.

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