Kiosk efficiency at ATL?

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Kiosk efficiency at ATL?

Now here's a weird thing that happened to me today.

Atlanta was a zoo, as it always is around the holidays. The construction doesn't help. I arrived to a huge line of people snaking around here and there, apparently all for Air Tran. Then I saw a bank of 4 check-in kiosks, all unused. Since I had no baggage to check, I proceeded toward them.

There, I was stopped by a young-looking gate attendant who told me I'd need to wait in line. I pointed to the kiosks, which still were unused, and said I just wanted to go there. He said yes, but I'd still have to wait in line. I tried debating the matter with him, as it was obvious that people waiting in the line were going to a normal check-in person, and nobody at all was using the kiosks, probably because they were continually turned back.

In the end I asked a second and then, finally, a third employee (a supervisor) to get permission to use the kiosks. In the 5 minutes this took, not a single person used any of the four kiosks. The supervisor gave me the go-ahead and I walked up, and had my boarding pass in 30 seconds. Then I walked off. I imagine no one used them after me either.

So what gives? Why are they so aggressively turning people away from the kiosks? I've never had that problem before, but I usually print my boarding pass ahead of time so it's been a while since I used ATL's kiosk.
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