Not Offering SWA Flights today

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For a while, wasn't offering both Airtran and Southwest flights? It is not happening today... only Airtran flights are in the search results and a new chevron-shaped banner below the flight results says "Compare these flights and more at"

Airtran has been offering 2 direct flights a day from CAK to MCO. On the evening of Saturday June 7 2014, a third flight from MCO to CAK on SWA metal is there, then on Sunday June 10, we have one flight each morning on SWA, then the 2nd flight on Airtran. I was alarmed when only offered me 1 flight each day. shows both flights. Upon further spot checking, all of the Southwest flights to various cities are missing from

I guess I would use this stategy in the future: shop at If the best flight is on Airtran, switch over to to keep the best chance for a hassle-free placement on the upgrade list. [As others have mentioned in the sticky post, I've seen AT Elite people holding SWA tickets not get upgraded because the gate agent could not figure out how]. This will be a tough choice... TSA Pre-check through Southwest or the possibility of business class upgrades through Airtran. Ultimately, for me, the one with the most convenient schedule for that trip will probably win.
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For a while has only been showing flights which include an Airtran segment. has been showing all Southwest flights as well as most Airtran flights (except for International). As flights are transitioned from Airtran to Southwest they disappear from and only show on

When Southwest gets their new reservation system fully on line I wouldn't be surprised to see all flights moved to

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