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Lounge etiquette

Lounge etiquette

Old Feb 28, 23, 11:07 am
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Lounge etiquette

So one of the problems with overcrowding is you don’t have many options where to sit. I come to the lounge to relax, catch up on some work and maybe read. Im at the LAS centurion.I’m sitting right in front of a guy that is having a business meeting with some sales people that also are in the lounge. Right next to us is an empty quiet room. The sales people left, he got on the phone and was talking with a very loud voice. Now the sales people are back and the meeting has restarted. Luckily I found another place to go, but why should I have to move?
A couple of weeks ago, Atlanta Skyclub, I was forced to sit next to another guy. He was on the phone the entire time, again making no effort to quiet his voice. If I have to make a call in public I try to find a place where others don’t have to listen to me.
Are my expectations unrealistic? What is the etiquette in the lounges?
Now I got another guy in my new spot talking on the phone, using language that shouldn’t be used in public.
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Old Feb 28, 23, 11:17 am
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Start a YouTube live stream channel called People Behaving Badly in Centurion Lounges and sell ads
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Old Feb 28, 23, 11:35 am
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Thread transferred to Airport Lounges forum because the topic includes all lounges, not only those accessible with an American Express card.
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100% agree with the OP.
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Old Feb 28, 23, 8:55 pm
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I'm afraid I have to disagree with the OP. If lounges really wanted people to be quiet there would be signs posted everywhere and they wouldn't let families with small children in. Don't misunderstand me, I prefer it to be quiet, I just have no expectation of it being that way. Even though it is often quieter in the lounge I think it is more due to the lack of people than anything else. It's nice when people are considerate to the people around them. I just don't expect it from them any more. Manners went out of style years ago.
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Old Mar 1, 23, 6:11 am
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there is quiet and there is quiet. There should be quiet areas, so no kids or loud meetings. But i agree that people should be aware of their surroundings and modify their behaviour and voice appropriately.
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Originally Posted by notquiteaff View Post
start a youtube live stream channel called people behaving badly in centurion lounges and sell ads
priority pass lounge freakout compilation part 43
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Old Mar 18, 23, 9:23 pm
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I agree with you. The first time I went to the centurion lounge in Vegas was shocked by the crowdedness. It's a good lounge tho, just overcrowding.
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Completely agree that behavior at lounges is getting ridiculous, but I think that's largely because behavior in general is getting ridiculous. People are loud and rude and crude essentially everywhere.

It's just kind of a general coarsening of society, and I don't think it's going to be reversed any time soon. Eventually, if it gets bad enough, maybe lounges will start policing it a bit more... but I doubt it.
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